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SnowSaab 900

January 7, 2011 in Saabology

Remember last year, when Gunnar L built a Saab 92 out of snow? His reasoning at the time was that he needed to burn off some of the food consumed at Christmas 🙂

Christmas has come and gone once again, and Gunnar (and family) have been busy burning off those Christmas calories building a new Saab outside the family home.

This time, they’ve built a classic Saab 900 from the snow.

It all starts as a mound of snow…

With the odd sprinkling of water, the mound is shaped roughly into a car shape (looks quite Saab 96-ish at this point, yes?)

Keep on sculpting and eventually, you get to carve out some details….

Until you finally get the finished product….


The full photo set is available on Flickr.

I wonder what kind of Saab Gunnar and the family will come up with next year? I vote for the Aero-X 🙂

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oiBPower badge brings the funk

December 14, 2010 in Saabology

Spotted at a dealership. Location and all names withheld for fear it might be remedied and spoil the funkiness 🙂

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Saab 9-3 rammed through wall – still looks good

November 9, 2010 in News, Saabology

A story from here in Australia….

Saab 9-5 through wall

Lest you think it was a Saab owner having a blond/grey/whatever moment, I can inform you that the 9-3 was innocently parked and minding its own business when it was shunted by a learner driver who applied the gas rather than the brake.

The back end still looks pretty good for something that’s just been pushed through a brick wall. I’m not sure the front end fared so well.

There’s a full story and video here.

Thanks to Mrs Swade!