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Saab updates from Finland – and Australia

May 3, 2010 in News

Last Friday saw the beginning of Saab Finland as a separate entity from GM.

The following story appeared in last week:

“The smallest car importer of Finland starts tomorrow”

Tomorrow (01.05.2010) the roads of GM and Saab separates for good in Finland as well. From the first of May the imports of Saab in Finland will be handled by Saab Automobile Finland which is owned by the mother company (Saab).

The organisation consists of only 2 persons, which probably makes it the smallest car importer in Finland. In charge of the operations in Finland will be Antti Foudila.

The founding documents of the company was cleared in the Finnish company registry today and during next week the company will separate also physically from GM.

The importing organisation of Saab will move to Vantaa close to the junction of Ring road III and Highway to Hämeenlinna.

Marco provided that translation (thanks!), and as he observed via email to me, things are moving slowly, but more importantly…. they’re heading in the right direction.


And in Australia….

I spoke with the head honcho of Saab in Australia, Parveen Batish, and he confirmed that Saab are still in discussions with people here but couldn’t name those people (i.e. companies) or outline any plans to either appoint a distribution company or do things in-house.

GM are still the effective importer and distributor here in Australia and New Zealand and all dealerships who were selling Saab before could be selling Saab now (if they had stock and a mind to promote it, both of which are in short supply at the moment).

Effectively, nothing’s changed at this point, but we’ll hear from them as soon as it does (I hope :-)

He did reaffirm that Saab were committed to being in Australia and New Zealand, which is great to hear.