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Lofalk’s request to be replaced turned down (for now)

December 16, 2011 in News

The court ruled this morning that Lofalk must remain at least until Monday. They want to give the creditors a chance to have their say in the choice of a new administrator.

Given the short time remaining until Monday’s meeting, the court decided they could not at this point grant Lofalk’s request.

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Request for new administrator

December 14, 2011 in News

Saab and Guy Lofalk have this afternoon filed a request to the court requesting a new administrator to replace Guy Lofalk.

In a fax to the court, Lofalk writes:

I have not had the opportunity to evaluate the new financial plan in detail. My view is that the new structure agreed upon between Saab and Youngman is such that it deserves a new administrator to be put in my place.

Lofalk goes on to explain the need for a fresh approach to the question at hand.

Lars-Henrik Andersson is nominated and has agreed to the assignment should the court decide to let the reconstruction continue.

SVD has more on this development (english translation).

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VM & Lofalk’s Relationship

November 30, 2011 in News

Accodring to Stockholm TT and the administrator Guy Lofalk is right now trying to launch a new ownership structure with GM for Saab. At the same time the unions are preparing a demand for the salaries that were supposed to be paid in November.

A Chinese regional fund, that takes on 60% of the ownership in Saab is the solution that Guy Lofalk is trying to launch with GM. He has also tried to pursued Pang Da and Youngman to settle for 20% each, according to Dagens Industri.

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Request to terminate reconstruction withdrawn *Updated

October 28, 2011 in News

The court issued a press release today stating that Guy Lofalk has withdrawn his petition to end the reconstruction phase. The scheduled meeting with the creditors October 31st 10am will be held.

“(…)Pang Da and Youngman will finance the reconstruction as well as the business plan.” writes Guy Lofalk. “(…)this must be looked into before making a decision to terminate the reconstruction”

From TimR:
Yesterday evening, news reached SU from a secure source that the sales price is supposed to be 100 million euros for 100% of the company. The request from Lofalk confirms this development.

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Saab’s filing with the court

October 27, 2011 in News

At 3:48pm, Saab’s General Counsel Kristina Geers sent an e-mail to the court notifying them that Saab, for the moment, has no statement to make pending further discussions with interested partners.

Saab and its owner is currently engaged in intensive negotiations with relevant investors securing future continued financing of Saab’s business. The outcome of these negotiations, that are very close to being finalized, are vital to be able to present the court with the statement requested. As a result, Saab cannot provide a statement at this time. Saab intends to fulfill the request as soon as possible. Saab is conscious of and respects the schedule the court is following.

The e-mail had been printed, scanned and then published on the court’s webpage. I have translated it very quickly and the gist of it is as follows: More information will follow.

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Saab has filed for a time extension

October 27, 2011 in News

According to TTela, Saab has petitioned the court for an extension to their original 1pm deadline today.

The court granted their request and are now waiting for more information from Saab concerning Saab’s desire to continue the reconstruction process.

From 14:08

Saab is late with opinion to the district court

At one o’clock on Thursday was the deadline for Saab to file its response to the district court in Vanersborg, where they must justify why the reconstruction will continue. But still, no documents have been received from Saab.

Last Thursday came the news that Saab Automobile’s administrator Guy Lofalk requested that the reconstruction be canceled because the company is out of money. Then 13 days Thursday Saab must present its reasons to the district court why the reconstruction should continue.

But at one o’clock on Thursday afternoon, the district court in Vanersborg not yet received Saab’s opinion.

“Time has passed, but given how important the issue is I do not think it will be totally impossible. But they can not come in with their opinion how late any time because we will decide tomorrow Friday,” says Elisabeth Lindstrom, court secretary in the district court in Vanersborg.

According to Judge Cecilia Tisell the district court in Vanersborg, Saab has not asked for more time, writes TT. According to her, Saab must immediately get into the documents if they want to ensure that the district court to consider their response.

The district court may make decisions but Saab’s opinion, she says.

“In that case, we base our decision on the administrator duties. We will be working on this afternoon,” said Cecilia Tisell said.

At Saab says Ms Gustav of Communications to that “all interested parties have been in communication with the district court in the case of Saab’s reply,” but confirms that no “official document” has been submitted.

Have you asked for more time on you?

“The only thing I can say is that we have been in contact with the district court.”

Will you be submitting a response to the district court?

“We must come back to [them].”

There is no doubt that Saab must provide strong and credible reason for the reorganization will continue, after the administrator Guy Lofalk has requested that the reconstruction be interrupted.

Saab must be concrete in its opinion, says Elizabeth Lindstrom.

“I do not want to speculate on the reasons the company would come up with. But can they prove that it has received money in the account, it is clear that it would prove that the reconstruction will continue, given that it has been the economy that has been the reason for the administrator Guy Lofalk requested that the reconstruction would be stopped.”

According to Elizabeth Lindstrom, Saab must show either that Guy Lofalk have been wrong in its conclusions, or that circumstances have changed.

Saab confirmed on Thursday by Ms Gustav on the company’s communications department, that the negotiations with Pang Da and Youngman continues. Under an agreement signed in July, the Chinese companies to acquire 53.9 percent of Saab Automobile to 245 million, around 2.2 billion. But according to the Dagens Industri want the two companies now instead acquire the entire Saab Automobile.

On Friday, taking the district court in Vanersborg decision on whether the reorganization should continue or not. Will there be a no, the company is again under bankruptcy.

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Further reconstruction to be decided by the courts before October 31st

October 21, 2011 in News

A press release from the court states that Saab has until October 27th 1pm to make a statement concerning the filing made by the reconstruction administrator Guy Lofalk.

The court will then try to make a ruling prior to the creditors’ meeting on October 31st.

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September 21, 2011 in News

I had a nice talk with Victor Muller and he of course was happy and “clearly relieved”
– “I am clearly relieved” said Victor on the phone.
– “We are now starting on a plan about re-starting the production”

Everyone in the management team but also around Saab are very happy today:

Overall reactions from employees I’ve talked to were: Read the rest of this entry →