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SAAB Parts UK also opens webshop

March 7, 2014 in SAAB Parts

Tim mentioned yesterday that a new on line shop was available from Orio and thought it might be for Sweden only, well today I received this press release from the UK guys, which confirms we in Great Britain can also buy parts direct. I hope that the rest of Europe, if not The World, will follow soon.

7th March, 2014
• Genuine Saab Parts now available to buy quickly and conveniently on-line
• “Buy a Part” is a brand new feature of Saab Parts web-site
• Focuses on routine maintenance and “sale” parts (942 items uploaded)
• Price you see is the price you pay (including VAT and delivery to mainland UK*)
• Genuine Saab Parts sold via the Saab Shop are supported by a 2 year warranty.
Saab Parts UK is delighted to announce a brand new feature to the UK web-site; an on-line Saab Shop. Essentially this enables owners and independent repairers searching for a genuine part for their Saab, to easily complete a search by model at their own convenience.
The “buy a part” facility provides a simple search, highlighting the service items applicable to the car, complete with an image, full description and a price inclusive of VAT and delivery. Simply add your selected part to the basket and proceed through to checkout.
Located within the main Saab Parts UK website, the Saab Shop is a convenient and 24 hour outlet to find and buy parts for your Saab. All the 942 items offered on line are Saab genuine, designed to fit first time, engineered to last, and underpinned with a 2 year warranty.
David Leighton, Sales and Marketing Manager of Saab Parts UK, said: “The Saab Shop is an exciting new initiative to make genuine Saab parts more accessible and easier to buy for everyone. Given the increasing popularity of on-line sales in all walks of life, Saab Parts UK is delighted to offer the marketplace another route to buy genuine Saab parts.”
You can visit the Saab Shop by going to the Saab Parts UK homepage  and select the Buy a Part function on the top title bar.

For further information please contact:
Saab Parts UK
Unit 40, Innovation Centre
University Way
MK43 0TB
Tel: 01234 756800

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BMW Court-case against Saab Parts postponed

April 22, 2013 in Editorial, NEVS, News

saab-bmw-engine-victor-mullerBack in 2009 BMW delivered engines to SAAB Automobile AB in Trollhättan for development and testing, in 2010 this lead to the formal signing of a deal between Saab Automobile AB and BMW for usage of a 1,6 liter engine in the coming Saab 9-3 Phoenix which was designed by Jason Castriota.

The engines, an unconfirmed amount of about 50, were delivered to SAAB Powertrain development center in Trollhättan for further testing and there the engines remained until the bankruptcy. After the bankruptcy BMW tried desperately to get their engines back since they had never been paid for.

The only surviving entity of Saab Automobile AB was SAAB Automobile Parts AB, commonly known as SAAB Parts. SAAB Parts was since February 2009 a stand-alone company located in Nyköping – Sweden, some 380 km’s north east of Trollhättan. BMW decided to file a law-suit against Saab Parts hoping that this could in turn get their engines back.

This law-suit was filed on the 22nd of August 2012 and the amount disputed was 2,6 million Euro. SAAB Parts decided to fight the law-suit since they had never had anything to do with the engines that were delivered to SAAB Automobile AB.

A hearing of the district court in Sweden was due in the beginning of April 2013 and SAAB Parts lawyers were ready to fight the claim, however, two days before the date set for the hearing it was postponed without any request for a new date, at the request of BMW. No reason as to why the date was postponed was ever given by BMW to the SAAB Parts lawyers nor to the court.

Saab Parts – Australia

January 18, 2013 in SAAB Parts

I’m sure that many people have heard that Saab Australia has gone into administration. However the implications I don’t think are widely known at the moment, so I thought I’d share.

Saab Australia was handling parts supply in Australia, and their warehouse has the parts supply. When they went into administration the administrators locked up the supply and are trying to find the highest bidder to buy the whole lot at once. So currently those parts aren’t available to be purchased by the general public as individual parts.

Now we know that Midlren’s will be taking over from Saab Australia, the problem is that they have no parts. There is currently a container load of parts on a boat between Sweden and Australia, once it’s here there will be parts, but until then there is nowhere to buy parts from in Australia.

Sit tight, parts are on the way…

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Press Information: Saab Parts continues to expand in Europe

November 6, 2012 in SAAB Parts

Parts AB continues to expand in Europe

  • Expansion in Europe continues – Saab Automobile Parts AB establishes new subsidiaries in Germany, France, Switzerland and Denmark.
  • The establishments ensures continued sales and distribution of Saab Genuine replacement parts in Europe.
  • European market is of great importance in the company’s future strategy

Saab Automobile Parts AB continues to expand in Europe and has established new subsidiaries in Germany, France, Switzerland and Denmark. The newly formed companies are wholly owned subsidiaries of Saab Automobile Parts AB and the staff employed have a considerable experience with Saab. The new subsidiaries further strengthen the international representation of Saab Automobile Parts AB.

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Saab Parts would like to cooperate with NEVS

June 16, 2012 in News, SAAB Parts

The following is a very rough translation of a recent article in ttela. Keep in mind that I’m not a native Swedish speaker, and the last few paragraphs were a bit lacking in detail.

Saab Parts were not included in the bankruptcy trustees’ sale to the National Electric Vehicle Sweden (Nevs).

- There is a lot of shared ground between our companies. What we have discussed so far is the access to the production tools, says Lennart Ståhl, managing director of Saab Automobile Parts.

There are between 10,000 and 15,000 tools out among Saab’s former suppliers.

Today they are owned by the bankruptcy estate and few of them are part of Nevs’ deal, but not all.

- There are 1800 suppliers in total and 1000 of them are in possession of our tools, says Lennart Ståhl.

Now it so that our means Saab [sic!], which means they are still owned by the estate. These tools are used to manufacture parts for Saab’s cars. The only tools that will not be used are those for the Saab 9-5 wagon which never made it into regular production and as such need no spares.

Saab Parts has leased part of the factory from the receivers. Partly the press shop where spare parts are manufactured, and also the northern office where 50 people work today.

- In the foreseeable future we will continue our presence in Trollhättan due to the high level of specialized competency among our employees there. A relocation from our current offices will be determined by what plans Nevs have, says Lennart Ståhl.

The National Debt Office earlier announced that they will acquire Saab Parts which was used as collateral for the EIB loan. As of February this year half of Saab Parts’ board of directors consists of representatives from the National Debt Office.

- They are well versed in our business and know exactly what kind of company they take over, says Lennart Ståhl.

He believes that a handover will take place in the near future.

- There is likely a desire of the bankruptcy trustees to liquidate the companies that remain in the bankruptcy estate. My guess is that a handover will happen within the next few weeks.

When Lennart Ståhl met with representatives from Nevs, they said that they need Saab Parts’ assistance.

- We also need help from them. We hope that they, for example, can produce parts using the press shop. The discussions we have had so far concerns the tools that currently resides with various suppliers and how to put the tools to use, says Lennart Ståhl.

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We will take over Saab parts

June 8, 2012 in News

UPDATE 10:30

Swedish NDO (Riskgälden) to held a press conference on Saab at 13:00 (CEST)

In this series of “The plot thickens” news, today has published another article that hints that NEVS may be the new owner of Saab Automobile AB.

In that Article Bo Lundgren, the Director of Riksgälden(the Swedish Debt office and current owner of Saab Parts AB) says that they will keep Saab Parts as they are not getting the 2.2 billion Swedish Crowns they paid to the EIB.
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SAAB USA Parts Now Shipping To Canada

May 8, 2012 in News

Great news for Canadians that are having trouble getting parts, Saab USA Parts which is run by Fred Shaw and his team, are now delivering to Canadians. In his email to us below, he explains:

I hope all is well for you.  I have some exciting news about our operation that I would like to share with you and the Saabs United community.  For awhile now, we have been receiving many requests and inquiries from our Canadian friends to the North, but have not been able to provide parts since we were not equipped to ship outside the United States.  We have solved this problem and are happy to announce that we can now fulfill orders to Canada regularly.  We are very excited    about this new market and look forward to forming   many new business relationships. 

To access their website, just click the image above and check them out. If you remember, Shaw Saab was one of the founding Saab dealers in the US and was in business for 44 years. Fred has stayed committed to the brand by keeping the parts business to service many new and old customers and coming into Canada is just another of the many ways he continues to show that commitment to Saab owners.

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“Saab Parts UK” Keeps Saab Owners Motoring

February 9, 2012 in Press Releasse

Press Release from Saab Parts UK, 9th February, 2012

  • New Parts Company set up in UK
  • Service & Repair network established
  • Servicing continues as normal
  • Saab Service Club open to all Saab Owners

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Spare parts — Will the NG 9-5 become a problem?

January 23, 2012 in Editorial

A news story making its way through Swedish media today reports that the availability of parts have actually improved after the bankruptcy. Some suppliers with unpaid bills from Saab Automobile AB held back deliveries to Saab Parts AB as well in an attempt of putting extra pressure on Saab as a whole. The profitable Saab Parts company paid their bills, but was suspected of sponsoring the production line with various crucial pieces of parts to keep production going.

I am going to point out the obvious: If Saab Parts were indeed doing that, they were effectively looking out for the suppliers’ best interest as well. Every car made would generate money for Saab the minute it left the assembly line. Money that could have paid off the suppliers (who were getting paid by Saab parts). It was far from ideal, but much better than the alternative which I dare say has now been fully explored (as predicted a year ago, a bankruptcy means no GM licenses). In addition, by squeezing Saab Automobile AB they were also squeezing us customers, which will make it harder in the future for us to trust Saab and Saab’s suppliers if they ever get the production going again. I dare say the suppliers will need to show us customers they want our business in the future.

In any case, back to the story at hand: Saab managed to make 11280 9-5s. The question is: Will Saab Parts AB look after us 9-5 owners or will we be left to fend for ourselves? And what about the 9-4X? Few made, but the plant making the 9-4X is very much alive.

I do not have the answer to those questions now, but it is something the crew is presently looking into. Meanwhile: What parts are you guys out there waiting for (part # and short description), and for how long have you been waiting? Comments are open. And please, do not all of you answer “keys!” at the same time — We have been told a big shipload of key-fobs for the 9-3 are on their way.

State of Nine – Free Shipping & MA Saab Rally Now Jan 21st, 2012

December 31, 2011 in State of Nine


New State of Nine

Limited Time Offer





 Continental US Customers
on Saab Accessories & Parts
for orders over $25


International Customers
FREE SHIPPING* on Saab Accessories & Parts
for orders over $600  
Promotion valid thru January 1, 2012 11:59 PM EST
* Note: For international shipments, multiple box orders will be consolidated at our warehouse in New Hampshire and sent via USPS International to your destination once consolidated.  Act now on this very rare promotion.
Saab Enthusiast,
Mark the Date – Saturday January 21st, 2012  
In addition to Free Shipping, State of Nine has been working with the SaabsUnited team and Saab Enthusiasts around the world for our Boston Area Saab Rally!

We have had a great response so far and have set our event date for Saturday January 21st, 2012! That’s right, the week after many of the world-wide Saab Rallies, we will gather in Boston from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM to support Saab. This is going to be tons of fun and we will even have a special guest from MapTun with us!

  • All Saab lovers are invited to attend
  • State of Nine Accessories and Parts Tent
  • MapTun Performance Promotions
  • Inspection and Service Clinics by Charles River
  • Charles River’s Huge Parts Department will be Open & Ready
  • Amazing Deals on New & Pre-owned Saabs On-site
  • Special Prize for the Saab from the furthest distance
  • Raffle Drawings and more!
  • Saturday January 21st, 2012 from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM
  • 570 Arsenal St, Watertown, MA 02472


I am really looking forward to our Boston Area Saab Rally and hope to see you there!

Dan DeVlieger, President State of Nine Ltd.



New State of Nine