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For sale: New Salem Saab’s V4 Sonett II

March 11, 2011 in Saabology

I don’t normally do classifieds, but this one is kinda special……

Darryl Carl over at New Salem Saab has advised me that he’s looking to sell the dealership’s Saab Sonett II to a good owner.

This is our yellow 1969 Sonett II. New Salem Saab has serviced this car for as long as I can remember. It was competely refurbished about 15 years ago and we have owned it for nearly ten years. We got it from a customer who didn’t need it anymore and wanted someone like us to care for it. We’ve done that, but are now looking for someone just as dedicated to care for this valuable piece of Saab’s history.

For those who may recall – it is the same car that was on the shelf in Saab of Halfmoon. It’s also been seen in displays at New Salem Saab on various occasions.

The odometer says 66,032 miles. To the best of my knowledge that is true and accurate. Everything works perfectly on this car with the exception of the pinion bearings; it has begun to be noisy in third and fourth gears. This car has not seen rain in my posession.

It has the original spare tire and tool kit.

I rebuilt the car last year and it starts on high idle choke, as it should, and then warms up to normal idle as it did from the factory.

Anyone interested in this Saab Sonett II should get in touch with Darryl either by email ( or via his cell on 518-528-4083. The asking price is in the $15K ballpark.

There are plenty of pics below. Click.

5 Saaby things you can do with Google Chrome

February 26, 2011 in Uncategorized

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted; it’s been too long, really.  So, I’m going to keep it light and leave the heavy lifting to Swade and RedJ for now.

I love the internet.  Almost as much as Saab.  Almost.  I’ve also noted on these pages that I am a real fan of the Chrome web browser from Google.  Previously, if you’d asked me why, I would have answered, “Chrome is fast and it takes fewer clicks to navigate.”  Simple.  Those things are still true, but now Google has opened the Chrome Web Store, which is much like an App Store for the iPhone and Android.  Instead, of course, it contains plug-ins and extensions specifically for the Google Chrome browser.  It’s another clear reason to prefer Chrome.

As you may guess, the applications and extensions in the Chrome Web Store are information aggregation applications for the most part — bringing you information in different ways than before.  Harnessing these little applications for your own fun and profit is surprisingly easy and rewarding.

We’ll take a look after the jump….

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GM Heritage Collection Saab 9-3 Viggen for sale

February 8, 2011 in Saabology

I don’t do ‘for sale’ items here very often. When I do, it’s usually because there’s something special about the car on offer (and no, I don’t receive any sort of commission for publicising any cars that come up for sale).

As mentioned in the headline, this particular car is indeed pretty special.

First, it’s a Viggen – a Lightning Blue 3-door (my favourite kind :-) )

Second, it’s the Viggen formerly housed in the GM Heritage Collection, which gives it a very collectable air.

Third, it’s prbably the closest to a brand new Viggen that you’ll ever get in 2011 or any time afterwards. This one’s still got less than 1,000 miles on the clock.

The car is being sold on Ebay by Chip Lamb, a guy who’s name should be familiar to most Saab fans in the US, especially those of the vintage variety (the Saabs, not the fans).

The car may also be familiar to a number of you, especially if you’ve attended a Saab Owners Convention in the last few years, when cars from the heritage collection have been present…..

The car has taken a slightly convoluted path into Chip’s garage, which he describes fully in the advertisement.

The photos of the car are a very good testament to it’s original condition. I’m sure everyone’s familiar with the ease with which Saab seats develop bum-prints. Well, have a look at these babies… flat as an ironing board.

The asking price isn’t cheap, but then again this is a very rare opportunity to pick up a classic Saab that’s virtually brand new.

Geez, I love me a good Viggen.

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Saturday Snippets

November 27, 2010 in Saabology

Don’t miss out on the Saabs United Cyber-Monday specials from Maptun, State of Nine and Saab USA Parts!

I’ll post those back at the top soon.


My sincere thanks to “Me” for putting together our new winter banner, featuring the Saab 9-4x.



More winter fun (well, it’s fun when you’re writing it from somewhere where it’s nearly summer) ……

First, a funny little video, shot over to me by Per R:


….and to keep that company, some more photos from Trollhattan, thanks to Rikard.

You may have seen in comments, or at TTELA, that Saab had to halt production on Friday due to excessive snow on the roof of the factory.

Hopefully they can get that cleared and production up and running again as soon as possible.


Speaking of TTELA, there’s a very good story from the LA Auto Show from Valdemar Lönnroth, who I met at the show (we shared a very spacious bus ride out to the 9-4x photo shoot).

It’s a good overview of the feeling towards Saab at the LA Auto Show, and what Saab needs to do to turn those good vibes into customer awareness and ultimately, sales.

Such a thing is that many Americans in the common thought that Saab has been effectively eliminated, another is that they still believe it is part of GM. Here it is of course crucial that the public relations people and dealers manage to convey a different story: the facts.


One more reason for Saab to go full-on into the World Rally Championship when they get a car suitable for the purpose – to take on GM.

GM aren’t certain to head into rallying, but they’re thinking about it. Not that I bear them any too much ill-will, but I’d love to see Saab take them on and win.


There’s an interesting Saab for sale in New Zealand. I know a bloke who swore black and blue that if ever saw one of these on the market, he’d buy it.

It’s no ordinary yellow convertible. If the badging is to be believed, then it’s one of the late model Turbo S convertibles, which should be fitted with one of the factory red-boxes.

There was one of these for sale in Hong Kong a little while ago, too, and at a bargain price. I wonder if this is the same car?

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Saab/Volvo hybrid for sale

October 1, 2010 in Saabology

Yet another somewhat strange, custom Saab is up for sale, this time on the Swedish online trading site, Blocket.

Saab 3axle

From the Googletrans, it appears that a limited number of these were made by a custom car builder named Wilman Coachwork, in Sweden.

The car is a Saab 900 at the front and a Volvo 850 at the rear, with two V70 rear axles.

Saab 3axle

The owner’s looking for a reasonably hefty price at 150,000 crowns, but this is a unique vehicle in what looks to be tip-top condition. The owner also seems to be open to trading a wide variety of vehicles in exchange or as part-payment….

BMW, MB, Volvo, Saab Turbo, XC90, V70, X5, M3, M5, passenger car, the Mercedes Sprinter Maxi or roughly equivalent, Cross Bus. Large end motorhomes in really good condition, SUVs, jet ski or jet ski Runabout, a smaller boat with motor, newer sliders, moto cross or enduro machine preferably 4 stroke, not older than 2007, sport bike, custom bike model more like HD, Shadow, Midnight Star or the like even more exclusive defective items. Do you have other suggestions so do not be shy, but came with them.

If you’ve got something you think might be able to get it done, get in touch.


Thanks Carl S!

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Hirsch Saab 9-3 for sale in Oz

September 19, 2010 in Saabology

I was surfing the Saabs for sale on the interwebs today and noticed this unique Saab 9-3.

HIrsch Saab 9-3

According to the ad description, this is one of the three original vehicles brought in by Saab Australia and modified by Hirsch Performance, Saab’s official tuning house. The other two were a 9-5 sedan (owned by a friend in Melbourne) and a 9-5 SportCombi. No other Hirsch modified vehicles have officially been sold by Saab Australia (though I do have a Hirsch ECU on my Monte Carlo :-) )

Hirsch 9-3 rear

It doesn’t seem to have the full interior treatment or as aggressive a stance as Jeff’s 9-5, but it does look pretty good. You can see that nice big Hirsch pipe out the back, venting the 250hp lump in the front.

The car’s only got 86,000kms on the clock and is priced at just $22,500 – seems pretty reasonable for the age, power and unique nature of the car.

Just thought the rest of you Aussies might want to know.

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Saab 900 ‘Safari’ Wagon – now for sale

September 14, 2010 in Saabology

It seems there’s a number of unique Saabs selling at the moment.

The current owner of this ultra-rare Saab 900 ‘Safari’ has only had it for a few months, but some plans to emigrate away from Holland mean that it’s now up for sale (again).

As seen at the Saab Festival in July 2010….

And as featured when the Saab 900 Wagon was purchased a month or so before….

Saab 900 wagon trailer

Here’s the ad for the sale of the vehicle (in English)

- 76,000 KMS
- MY1981 (yes, facelift is done by previous owner)
- H-engine 73 KW / 4-speed transmission
- Leather interior, brown and in pefect condition.
- Central locking with RC / interval on ws.wipers.
- Power steering
- Aftermarket sunroof
- Saab towbar
- New -> tires,battery,fuelpump,r.door pistons,75k service
- Dutch MOT

The asking price might make you whistle, but then this is a one-of-very-few custom job

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ex-Abbott Racing Saab for sale

September 14, 2010 in Saabology

It’s not often a racing Saab becomes available for sale, especially one with this level of pedigree.

Abbott Racing are a famed Saab tuning and performance workshop in Essex, England. They’re well known in their own country for all manner of Saab performance enhancement, but probably most known outside England for their fantastic Viggen Rescue Kit – a combination of parts that makes the Viggen more controllable and predictable, without taking away it’s wild nature.

Abbott Racing, as the name suggests, were also involved in many different levels of motorsport over the years. According to the advertisment, this Saab was raced by Lionel Abbott in the British Touring Car Championship.

The current owner had it restored to its former glory but now lives in France and has barely had time to take it to the track. Hence the sale.

  • 2.3L low compression Carlson engine with 320bhp (adjustable)
  • New modified gearbox with final drive set to max 150mph.
  • All new adjustable suspension plus two set wheels/tyres.
  • Fully welded body with substantial integral roll cage picking up all suspension points.
  • Torsional stiffness approx 17,500 ft lbs giving it handling characteristics way beyond any modified road car.
  • Weight approx 1050 kilos giving approx 305bhp/tonne.
  • Custom built induction with T4 turbo, large crossflow intercooler and Water/Methanol injection.
  • Car is being sold including its Galvanised tilt bed trailer, with wheel carrier, and two covers (dust and weather)
  • Click here for the full advertisment.

    Thanks to Greg for the tip!

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    Saab Quantum S racer for sale

    September 8, 2010 in Saabology

    For those who are looking for a Saab with a real difference…..

    Via Bringatrailer:

    This 1964 Quantum Formula “S” has Saab power and is one of approximately 50 kits manufactured by Quantum Motorcar Corp in 1964. These were marketed through the dealer network and the builder sourced their own Saab suspension, powertrain, and other components to complete the car. This example was brought to Anchorage, Alaska in 1969 by Brian Hall where it was very successfully auto-crossed for three years. It deteriorated after that and the current seller bought it in 2006, after 30 years of sitting in pieces, as what he calls “a rolling hulk with a few boxes of parts.” It has since been restored and is being sorted for competition (see videos). It is available in Homer, Alaska for $20k.

    Looks like the owner has some other serious Saab interests, too, judging by the Sonett II in the background.

    Click through to Bringatrailer for the rest of the details.


    There are a bunch of videos over at Youtube as well.


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    GM Heritage Collection Saabs unsold

    September 6, 2010 in Saabology

    I had a few communiques with Chip Lamb from West of Sweden late last week, with regard to the Saab vehicles remaining unsold from the former GM Heritage Collection.

    There were a number of vehicles bought, restored, or just kept from new by GM in their Heritage Collection that the new Saab organisation either couldn’t afford to keep and store, or didn’t think were needed to be kept outside of the Saab Museum (take your pick).

    Most of those have already been sold, in some cases sold back to owners who had them before GM bought them in the first place. There are a few remaining, however.

    They are listed below with brief notes from Chip, in some cases expanded a little by me:

    Saab 9-3 Aero 1/400 – $30k, with virtually no miles on the clock. This is #1 of the 400 anniversary convertibles produced for the US market back in 2006.

    Saab 9-7x #1 (pilot car used for auto shows et.c. – actually VINned as a ’03) – $23k

    Saab 9-2x Aero – $21k – 15k miles and somewhat rough miles at that, as it was used by European Car magazine for a while.

    And the party piece of the bunch…..

    Saab 900 Airport Runway Friction Tester $16k ($50k restoration by GM…) – no miles since restoration


    Images taken by GM, gleaned from Saab History, where there’s also a fuller listing of all the vehicles that were in the collection.

    If you have any interest in one of these, contact Chip via West of Sweden.

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    Saab Sonett II on Ebay – rare opportunity

    July 23, 2010 in Saabology

    A Saab Sonett II is a beautiful but quite rare thing. A quick look around the internets right now tells me there’s just one for sale in the usual US-based classified sites, so this one coming up for sale – and in such good condition – presents what one might call an opportunity.

    It’s not for the feint of heart however, as there’s an asking price that’s considerable compared to some other vintage Saabs. It does look to be in superb condition, though, with a genuine sounding owner who gives a pretty full description of the car and the work done.

    What we have here is a 1969 Saab Sonett V4 located in Texas and restored to some level of competition specification, though apparently it has never been run competitively in any events.

    You should check out the full description on Ebay but be quick, as there’s less than a day to run on the sale.

    As I write this, the car is priced at just over $9K, but there’s still room for growth there as the reserve is mentioned in the sale details, at $13K.

    I have no relationship with the seller. I just love Sonett II’s and think this is a cracker of a car.