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NEVS 9-3 is up for testing!

February 27, 2014 in Fan Stuff, NEVS

FH-355This week three Swedish car-magazines has visited Trollhätttan for a test-drive of the 2014 9-3 Aero. As we all already know it’s basically a 2012 9-3 Griffin Aero with the two-litre Turbo4 220hp petrol-engine, but with some changes by NEVS. All the three magazines had put a little sneak peek from the test-drive on their websites, and I will here sum up the most important from the sneak peeks.

First out was the magazine “Vi Bilägare“, one of Sweden’s biggest car-magazine. Their tester Calle Carlquist drove a car with the automatic transmission, and he thinks the driving experience is completely modern and he also think NEVS has succeed with their idea that the car should feel sporty but still be comfortable. So he has a positive first impression and think it’s a good car that don’t feel ready for retirement, but the drawback is that it’s missing some of the latest techology.

Next up is “Teknikens Värld“, maybe most known for their “moose test”. I don’t know if they set the 9-3 up for a moose test, but their testers Hans Hedberg and Glenn Lindberg think it’s noticeable that the 2014 9-3 is older than the competitors, but it’s cope pretty well anyway. The chassis is comfortable and resilient, but not “Aero-resilient”, and the 220hp engine is pleasant to drive as always (Täknikens Värld tested a car with manual transmission). They also think the long-distance comfort feels as good as in the old seats, and a tip from them if you don’t want to wait for the new infotainment-system from NEVS you can simply change the headunit to a more fancy aftermarked headunit at your nearest SAAB-garage.

Left is “Auto Motor & Sport“, a magazine well known over all Europe. They sent Thomas Berggren and Pär Brandt, and they think “it feels very much SAAB”. As Teknikens Värld they think the chassis is convenient and comfortable rather sporty. It don’t feels bumpy, it eats bumps in the road very nice and the the chassis will get a high score. It’s is great for Swedish roads! The engine is strong at low revs and have a nice torque, but it’s not the most fuel-efficient car on the market. AMS think the car have a old infotainment system, and it’s missing the latest safety systems as brake-assist, sleep-warning, lane-warning and so on.

So if we sum up what the Swedish car-magazines think about the 2014 9-3;
The 9-3 still have a great chassis and a very nice engine. The stuff that is not so good is the lack of a better infotainment (rumors says a new one is on it’s way), and the fact it’s not a new car so it’s missing some of the latest safety systems.

If you want to read the original articles and see a few images, click on the links under. (sorry, Swedish text only)
Vi Bilägare
Teknikens Värld
Auto, Motor & Sport

Nevs #001; More pictures from today

December 2, 2013 in Fan Stuff, NEVS

Here are RikardH’s pictures from today’s visit at the factory, enjoy!

Live on web-TV: First Nevs 9-3!

December 2, 2013 in Fan Stuff, NEVS


Now it’s not long time until the first ordinary Saab from Nevs leaves the production line in Trollhättan. As many of  you may know it’s a 9-3 Aero, and you guys can follow this directly via various Swedish TV broadcasters web-TV services. Naturally, they speak swedish and it’s not texted, but you can still enjoy the pictures!
I will here link to the different broadcasters I know will send direct from the factory. There may be some of the broadcasters who not allow non-Swedish IP-adresses, but I know TV4 will work abroad. Click on the different links, and it will open in a new window. TV4 start their show 12:55 local time (CET / GMT +1:00), SVT start theirs at 13:00.


Sets of Saab Festival photos

June 21, 2013 in SAAB Festival 2013


I have uploaded a few sets of photos from the Saab Festival on my Flickr account

I have even more photos to upload, but lets start with these..

Have a great weekend everyone!

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by RobinM

Many “New” 9-5 Wagons on the road in Trollhattan

June 4, 2013 in Fan Stuff, SAAB Festival 2013

I wanted to share with you a short video I recored of the convoy of Saab 9-5 II Wagons as they went from the museum to the factory on the Sunday of the Festival. I hope you agree its a beautiful site.

Just press play or a full size version will appear by clicking the image.

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by till72

Trollhättan, Qingdao and between the lines…

January 9, 2013 in Editorial

In recent weeks it seemed to be pretty quiet in Trollhättan. No real news came from NEVS and media outlets mostly went to reporting rumors and speculations. Not very satisfying for a Saab fan to be honest. Then yesterday, there was finally a real story coming up, that at the end of the day was confirmed through an official press release from NEVS.

An agreement has been inked for a joint venture between NEVS, it’s parent company National Modern Energy Holdings and the City of Qingdao. It’s mostly about investements in production in China and Qingdao taking a share in NEVS. But when taking a closer look there is even more of interest in this press release.

The basic news is of course the joint venture in itself. While the initial press report from China pointed at building facilities for a volume of 200k cars/year that can be ramped up to 400k the official press release gave no details on this. But given the long term plans NEVS gave us a glimpse at this seems not to far off. I believe the feasabilty study mentioned will give the final answer on estimated demand as well as on a realistic timeline.
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Our Road trip to Oktoberfest ’12

October 22, 2012 in Events

This time last week we were nearly back in England, having covered almost 3,750km, 2,330 miles (in total) across six countries, twice, apart from Sweden.

Oktoberfest was a great occasion as it was last year. The difference this time around was that I had company during the travels. Martin, who will tell you he did 7 countries as he lives in Wales and Nicolas and Amaat from Belgium.

We arrived to a stunning sun set in Trollhättan and were lucky to see a tanker about to enter the top part of The Locks. Then it was a quick visit to the Museum to meet the SU crew and a few other welcome faces. While we were there I had to take a look at the NG 9-5 SW and have a dream.

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SaabsUnited October Fest (More) Photos

October 2, 2011 in News, Uncategorized

This post will be updated during the day. So hit your F5 as much u want.. ;)

I’ve added a few too now. — Rune

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Convoy to October Fest, 1. Update

September 26, 2011 in News

Convoy from Northern Germany with updated location ideas and maps.
I hope you can understand everything Red and I have tried to plan.

Puttgarden 10.55,
meet just outside the ferry terminal,
Red and I are booked onto the 11.15,
so we will join the queues at 11.00.

meet and re group as we leave the ferry in the laybys,
we will leave no earlier than 12.00

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SaabsUnited Days 14-15th of May, Update!

May 6, 2011 in News

Here is the latest news about the SaabsUnited Days 14-15th of May – that is open for EVERYBODY:

SATURDAY 14th: ANA Trollhättan 1100-1500

SaabsUnited together with ANA will host this day and feature the following:

- See, touch, feel and sit in the Saab 9-4X and 9-5 SportsCombi that will be on display for everyone in the launch facility at ANA provided by Saab =) ANA has a couple of 9-3 Griffins available for you to enjoy! =)

- Saab has sponsored us with no less than 5 Saab 9-5 Sportsedans that may be taken out for a ride! ANA has placed about 10 cars (9-5′s and 9-3′s) for test drive at your disposal. So in total about 15 cars available, some of them are fully equipped Aero’s, TTiD’s etc.

- We have a number of interesting lectures at ANA, a presentation of ANA it self, Tim will present SaabsUnited in detail and show how we work and Lars Carlström will talk about the Saab sales process in 2010 (this lecture is preliminary only depending on time).

- Very good deals on New and used cars provided by ANA, specially for this day and this day only!

- Special deals on parts from the ANA shop

- Some very distinguished Saab people will be in place to mingle with the fans! =)

- A Saab knowledge competition will take place with special prizes being handed out on sunday! =)

- SaabsUnited together with ANA provides some coffee and cookies =)


- We all move to the channel-locks area (map will be provided on location) to have a small car show if the weather is good! =)

20:00 – Very late

- Party at a local pub! =)

SUNDAY 15th: SAAB MUSEUM 11:00-16:00

- Free entry all day for everyone mentioning that they were invited by SaabsUnited at the front desk.

- Feel free to mingle among the cars, movies will be shown and lectures by people at Saab and SaabsUnited will be held.

- Winners of the Saab Knowledge Competition will be announced.

From SaabsUnited you will be able to meet TimR, PeterS, Tompa, Rune and RickardH, Carl-Henrik will try to be there =)

Follow the event on Facebook here:

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Press Release: Saab Automobile to Host Independence Day Celebration

February 16, 2011 in News

• Factory celebration of Saab’s first year as independent company
• Live music, awards, product displays and presentations
• Launch of Saab’s latest product news, including special edition model
• 300 special edition birthday cakes

Trollhättan, Sweden: All 3,800 employees at Saab Automobile will down tools next Wednesday (23 February) to hold a huge birthday party – the first anniversary of Saab’s rebirth as an independent carmaker. They will be joined by dealers, suppliers, VIPs and media

Part of Saab’s state-of-the-art factory in Trollhättan will be converted into an entertainment arena, it will be ‘open house’ at the Saab Car Museum, and many of the town’s bars and restaurants are expected to join in the festivities as Saab Automobile celebrates its first year as an independently-run business.

The celebration will be exactly one year to the day after General Motors sold Saab Automobile to Spyker Cars N.V. of the Netherlands. When the deal was signed, new Saab Automobile Chairman Victor Muller promised his jubilant workforce that this day would be commemorated and next week he and Saab President & CEO Jan Åke Jonsson will keep their word.

The factory entertainment program includes live music sessions, video shows, presentations, awards for top suppliers, a photo competition on the theme of ‘Independence’ and the announcement of Saab’s latest product news, including a unique special edition car. A celebratory birthday cake – of which more than 300 will be produced – will be shared among all those attending.

The event will be broadcast live for screening at Saab dealerships around the world and also recorded for video distribution.

“This is our Independence Day,” said Jonsson. “We will be celebrating becoming masters of our own destiny again, being free to make our own decisions and back our own judgements.

“Saab has come a long way in the last 12 months. We’ve restructured our operations here in Sweden and around the world, we’ve introduced new ways of working, entered new markets and forged new business partnerships. We’ve also triggered the biggest new product offensive in Saab’s history with the launch of the 9-5 Sedan and the 9-4X crossover, the introduction of the 9-5 SportCombi later this year, and the arrival of a new generation 9-3 range next year.

“So we will be looking forward as well as back during our celebrations next week. We are at the beginning of a bright new future for the company.”

Saab Automobile Chairman Victor Muller added: “Saab is being reborn as an independent and entrepreneurial business. We are giving full rein to the free thinking and innovative spirit that has always been part of this company’s DNA. The celebration next week will be part of that process.

“No other carmaker has such a loyal workforce, such a loyal dealer network or such a loyal customer following. With exciting new products now on sale and in the pipeline, we have all the ingredients in place for a successful future.”

During the last 12 months, Saab Automobile’s major achievements include:

• Concentration of all design, development and vehicle production at Trollhättan
• Reorganization of engineering and technical development processes
• Introduction of a new global, Saab-controlled sales and distribution network
• Creation of new business partnerships: e-AAM Driveline Systems, BMW engine supply, 9-3 ePower electric vehicle research program with several partners
• Establishment of SES (Saab Engineering Services) as an entrepreneurial business division marketing Saab expertise
• Launch of all-new Saab 9-5 Sedan and 9-4X, Saab’s first crossover vehicle
• Introduction of 180 hp, turbo diesel 9-3 Sport Sedan with class-leading 119 g/km CO2 emissions