Saab 9-3 TTiD owner review

I’m pleased to be able to present this review, sent in by Stefan in Belgium.
I have very, very fond memories of the Swedish highway system thanks to a Saab 9-3 TTiD, one of which is Par Brandt from Auto Motor and Sport looking over and saying “we don’t overtake like that here…” 🙂
As I found out last July, the TTiD is one buttkicker of an engine. Stefan is finding that out himself right now!
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In 2006 I bought my first Saab. A Chili Red 9-3 TiD (150 bhp) Vector Sport (with Aero trim). I loved the car but it lacked some power so I had it Hirsched. Unfortunately I totaled the car a month or two ago (very short story: I turned left and didn’t see the other car and got hit in the passenger side. Nobody got hurt, but my car was a total loss)
Saab TTiDLuckily I had ordered a 2008 9-3 Aero TTiD. Here in Belgium, you can only get the TTiD in Aero trim. Since I was used to the 175 bhp from my Hirsched 2006 9-3SS, this was the only choice.. And let me tell you, it’s a good choice!
It’s Jet Black with the brushed aluminum side mirrors, 18″ wheels, Black Premium Leather Seats, Navigation, BlueTooth, 300w Bose and some more. Since I make about 45000km/year with my car I decided to drive them in comfort and style.
This car is unbelievable! It drives like a 6 cylinder. It pulls from 1500rpm and doesn’t stop… It just keeps on going. The overtaking power is enormous.
Saab TTiD
Some may consider getting a Hirsched TiD but let me tell you, the TTiD is in a whole other league! The Hirsched TiD has some turbo lag, but the TTiD engine responds immediately if you push the throttle. No turbo-lag. Remember the sketch of an exhilarated driver Saab made a few years ago? That’s the feeling you get when you floor the throttle on this car…
Every minute I’m not driving it is a minute lost.
In the two weeks I’ve had the car, I’ve driven about 2500km. The changes they made are incredible. It’s much quieter, less wind and tire/tyre noise, no rattles or squeaks AT ALL! The steering feels a little more direct than the 2006 model. The suspension is great. The 2008 Aero sport suspension with 18″ wheels is more comfortable than the 2006 Aero sport suspension with 17″ wheels.
Saab TTiDI love the new interior. It’s very clean and organized. While waiting for my new car, I drove my parents BMW 525D and I hated the interior: Too many small buttons, too many places to get your information. I spent more time looking which button to push than looking through my windshield.
At first I (as many) was a bit skeptical about the new interior, but it’s great. I even love the “batwing” steering wheel. Also the interior is a lot better put together than my previous car. The dual exhaust makes a very nice sound. You can hear it growl for more.
The only downside about the car is that it’s not possible to get XWD on a diesel engine. I would’ve bought it in a heartbeat. I would love to have 400Nm and 180 bhp on 4 wheels and I know I’m not the only one. It would definitely sell in Europe. Hopefully Saab is clever enough to make it available in the near future.
If you get a chance, go and test drive this car…
Saab TTiD

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