BSR tune the Saab Turbo X

BSR have trumped Hirsch by being first to produce and officially market their tuning software for the Saab Turbo X or Saab XWD Aero.
The tuning upgrade produces 300hp and a massive 480Nm of torque. That’s up from the standard 280hp and 400Nm.
The tuning is via BSR’s ppc unit, which connects up to your car through the port just under your steering wheel. When you want to revert back to your factory settings, just plug it in again and wait.
Hirsch’s tune for the Turbo X will also produce 300hp but will top out at 430Nm in the torque department. It’s believed that tune will consist of a larger intercooler only. Uprated parts are needed to take things further but they won’t be ready for some time.
Hopefully we’ll hear from Hirsch soon.

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