Saab iPod update

Yesterday I queried whether or not there was a bulletproof iPod solution for Saabs yet. The possible solution for OG9-3 and 98-05 Saab 9-5 drivers is the AudioTroll, however I didn’t announce it as being that bulletproof solution because I know there’s been various issues throughout its development and I was unclear on its current status.
I haven’t had any direct communication from Carl at GES, but from information over at the GES website and through several people in comments, it seems that those issues are largely overcome. The supply issue seems to be non-existent right now. It seems you can order now and get your shipping notice very quickly. The technical problems seem to be contingent on what type of iPod you’ve got so it may pay to check that out over at GES, but the latest revision of the technology seems to have addressed any early complaints.
You can check out the AudioTroll here. As I mentioned yesterday, fitted up and working it’s definitely the best iPod solution out there for OG9-3 and 9-5 owners.
What if you still have a tape deck? My car’s a 1999 model and it’s got a tape deck, so there’s a lot of what could be considered recent model vehicles that may still have one.
Jalopnik featured this mix of old and new technologies today.

It’s a tape adaptor that takes a flash card. You plug in your card, switch it on then insert it into your tape player. It runs on a battery, so you can also use it outside the car as a regular mp3 player, hence the headphones in the picture.
Old school cool….

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