2010 Saab 9-5 spotted by AMS.de

Auto Motor and Sport in Germany are claiming an illustration of the new Saab 9-5 in their latest print edition. WooDz was kind enough to take a quick snap of it with his mobile phone and shoot it into my inbox to share with everyone.
Here it is. Click.
Saab 9-5
This is actually pretty similar to previous images shown by AM&S in Sweden. I’ve heard from a number of Saab people who have seen the real thing. One recently commented that whilst this is reasonably close to the real thing, the real thing is much nicer. That bodes well for the future as I think this looks pretty good.
Apparently the lights on the real thing aren’t as Aero-X-ish as this (which is sad) but a lot of the front and front-quarter profile we see here is reasonably close, with the real thing having more of a four-door coupe look. The AM&S article mentions a length of 4.9 meters and a head-up display making it onto the equipment list (finally!, some will say).
My TS prediction is that we’ll see the real thing at Geneva in March next year (and the 9-4x at the Saab Festival in June). It should prove to be an exciting time!

Thanks WooDz and Jan

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