New Saab performance bits from Hirsch

Hirsch’s newsletter for this July has arrived and once again, it’s full of stuff that makes me want to scream WHY CAN’T WE GET THIS STUFF ALL AROUND THE WORLD???
I mean, seriously, can you think of a good reason why it shouldn’t be available?
For the unfamiliar, Hirsch Performance are located in Switzerland are they’re the only authorised and factory approved tuner for Saab cars. Their products are only available in certain countries, however, with North America and Australia being notable exceptions.
Hirsch have a couple of interesting new things for the lucky ones to consider this month, starting with the full info on their V6 XWD tune:

The XWD system offers excellent traction in all situations. Therefore, we felt that a little more power would be desirable. Developed, tested and certified:
300 hp and 430 Nm
Top speed: 260 km/h
0-100 km/h: 5.3 seconds (Automatic: 5.5 seconds)
80-120 km/h: 6.7 seconds
The performance upgrade kit consists of engine software, intercooler and air intake box.

Ever heard of Taras Czornyj? You mightn’t be familiar with the name, but you’re most likely familiar with his work. He was one of the lead designers on the Saab 9-3 SportCombi and the recent 9-3 facelift for 2008.
He’s not working with Saab at the moment. The last I heard he was teaching and doing a little bit of work with the guys across town at Ovlov. In his spare time he’s been designing some wheels for Hirsch.
These wheels to be exact. They’re a double-six spoke wheel, measuring 19 x 8 inches. Notably, they’re available in two finishes, being Satin Silver and Diamond Black (the latter is apparently quite fetching on a white convertible).
Here they are. Click.
Diamond Black Wheel

The V6 XWD isn’t the only one to get the tuning treatment. Hirsch also have a groovy tuning package for my favourite engine in the current Saab range – the 2.0T.
The tuning package lifts performance from 210hp to a very zippy 240hp. If you’ve got a 2008 Saab 9-3 2.0T then your performance upgrade will include the Hirsch dual exhaust. 2009 customers will get software only (my guess is because of the XWD).
I’ve promoted the Hirsch carbon leather interior trim previously here at TS. Hirsch are still producing that item, but have also (re)introduced a pure black leather version as well.

That’s the pure black on the left and the carbon leather on the right. The Saab 9-3 dash design is great, but if there’s a criticism of it, it’s that it’s a little too ‘sea-of-plastic’ for a premium vehicle. The Hirsch leather interiors take care of this.
Leather door handles and handbrake/slotcovers are also available to complement the dash kit.
I couldn’t imagine having a 9-3 or 9-5, access to Hirsch, and not making use of their stuff. It’s not inexpensive, but geez, it’s good.

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