Saab 9-3 XWD tuning by Hirsch

Hirsch have finally lifted the covers of their upgrade package for the Saab 9-3 2.8 XWD. This tuning package will suit the Turbo X as well as Aero models with XWD. This tune is obviously for 2008 models, but I’m told that it will be the same package for 2009 models as well.
Using UK prices, the Hirsch tune comes in at GBP1,733.00, which includes VAT but doesn’t include installation. That’s definitely at the high end of the market, but it’s also at the highest end of the quality spectrum, too.
Hirsch XWDThe Hirsch XWD upgrade includes new software as well as a new intercooler and air filter housing. The output of you engine goes from 280hp to 300hp and torque rises from 400Nm to 430Nm. Top speed is still governed, but is lifted from 250km/h to 260km/h.
The tuning packages from Hirsch make for a very, very entertaining Saab. 20hp and 30Nm look like modest gains on paper, but (as always) it’s the way the car delivers the power that matters. With a Hirsch tune, the car becomes more responsive and aggressive when called upon. It’s not just the numbers at the upper limits that change, it’s the way it’s delivered.
Have a look at that dyno chart. The factory XWD tuning delivers maximum torque at 2500rpm. With the Hirsch tune, you get your response much quicker. The old torque max of 400Nm comes online at around 1750rpm and the new maximum of 430Nm kicks in at 2,000rpm, and it’s still carrying more than 400Nm right through to around 5200rpm. It’s a much more effective power band, making for a truly exhilarating drive.
Of course, the biggest thing about tuning your Saab via Hirsch is that you retain your original Saab factory warranty. I’ve heard good things about other tuners and know a lot of people that use their modifications, but only Hirsch allow you to keep your warranty.
If you’re fortunate enough to be in a market where Hirsch can sell you something, then check out their stuff for yourself. It’s the best there is in terms of both performance and support.

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