Saab 9-X Air uncovered

Jalopnik’s got the goods and it turns out Boon94’s prediction of a few days ago wasn’t that far off the mark.
The embargo date is apparently later this week; Saab were going to pre-empt the Paris show by releasing details early. I’m not sure where Jalop’s got this stuff from as it looks like scanned images, but all’s well that shows early.
I’m sure we’ll get some better quality stuff through soon now.

Well, it’s certainly interesting, like all Saab concepts.
There’s precious little information about it over at Jalopnik so we’ll have to wait for more to come through in order to find out what sort of mechanism closes the top of the vehicle. I’d suggest that in order to keep it’s sleek profile, though, there might be something sliding up from the back (just my idea, though).
The interior looks just the same as the 9-X, though I’m sure the press release will promote a few new gadgets they’ve added in.
Interesting times.
Now, the challenge is for Saab to take this car and its 9-X sibling right into the board rooms of GM Europe and demand they get built. Otherwise, it’s all just pissing in the wind.

Thanks to Turbin for the heads-up.

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