Saab 9-3x vs Saab 9-3 SportCombi

I thought it these photos might make for an interesting quick comparison.
It’s amazing how some wheels, suspension and a bit of body kit can transform a car. Of course, the light and dark colors of the vehicles make the effect seem more pronounced, too, but all in all I think you’ll get the picture.
What you’re seeing here is the 2008 Saab 9-3 SportCombi in Aero form compared with the Saab 9-3x pictures that we got last week. I’ve tried to pick similar angles where possible so it’s an apples vs apples scenario.

They really do look like two different cars and you can see that Saab are intentionally toughening up the 9-3x to position it in that upper-Subaru wagon and Volvo markets. It looks a lot taller, a lot more rugged and nothing like the hunkered down form of the Aero.

I guess what’ll determine it’s success in that Volvo/Suuby market is the price. The Suuby market might find it a bit expensive though the smaller Volvo types might find it appealing.
The things we don’t know about the 9-3x that could make a big difference: levels of equipment and engine options. The base model 9-3 SportCombi with 2.0T and XWD comes in at $37,810 in the US. I can’t see the 9-3x being any cheaper than that.

I’m really interested to see this car in the metal. My tastes tend to skew towards the more sporting elements of the Saab range, but this one fascinates me to a degree, possibly moreso than the 9-4x at this point in time.

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