2010 Saab 9-5 interior spied by AMS Sweden

Saab 9-5 mules have been quite scarce and with the new version expected on display in Geneva early next year, AMS are starting to get twitchy. Someone from AMS spotted a car with an Opel Insignia face and a lot of tape on it. When he looked closer, past the Opel badge on the steering wheel, the shape of the dash gave away the possibility that it might have been something else all together.
The original article with more pictures is here at Auto Motor and Sport. You Swedes should go there and read it in your native tongue.
Here’s the main image of interest. It’s grainy and there’s a LOT of reflection off the glass, but this could be the best close-up glimpse we’ve got of the new 9-5 so far.

What we can see here is a departure from Saab’s traditional all-green interior lighting. The lighting on the console seems to be green with the exception of the controls on the left. The lighting on the steering wheel appears to be red, which may be because it’s an Opel wheel (or maybe because that’s how it’s going to be). It’d be very odd to see two different colors in there, though.
What’s leading people to think this is a 9-5 interior, of course, is the shape of the dash. It’s certainly not the Insignia dash shape, so the badging on the car doesn’t accurately reflect what’s inside.
The mind boggles, but the body’s tingling with the thought that this could be the first genuine glimpse we’re getting of the car.
Following is a Google translation of the bit on AMS that pertains to the interior.
Again, for more images and the original story from Par Brandt, in Swedish, click through to Auto Motor and Sport.

Some rumors claim that the 9-5 is being tested in the U.S., where it does not arouse much attention. Others argue that Saab carries out testing and mask the car as an Opel Insignia, which we believe we have demonstrated for a few days ago. Lars Ryefalk were coming over from Denmark on the ferry when he quoted a closet Insignia, which is a bit odd given that the car has been out for a long time now.
When Lars looked into the car he saw the Opel-wheel first, but then thought that the interior looked “Saab” out. A few quick pictures with mobile camera, then it was time to run out of the ferry. Lars waiting to hear what engine it was in the car, but “Insignian” refused to start and therefore it was not possible to determine whether it was gasoline or diesel. Lars thought that backdoor makers saw joins out and wonder if it can be a Saab-chassis hiding behind Insignia-chariot? Maybe!


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