2010 Saab 9-5 photoshop comparisons

Someone named “keeneyes” produced what is my favourite photochop of the 2010 Saab 9-5 so far, basically by taking a couple of real spyphotos and making silhouettes of them.
Robert B has done some digging through the archives and looked at the many photoshop predictions that have surfuced in the media over the last 18 months and has come up with a very similar shaped vehicle to compare the real car’s silhouette with.
Here’s the comparison. Click to enlarge.
The image on the left first appeared on this site way back in March 2007 and was noted then as coming from a Danish magazine (i.e. a magazine from Denmark, not a magazine about sweet pastries). As far as the overall shape is concerned, it’s a very good likeness.
I find myself hoping that they’ll have evolved the exterior design a little more from the current 9-5, however.
For comparitive purposes, here are the other images that have surfaced so far….right back to mid-2006.
From Saab:

From Vibilgare:

From Auto Motor and Sport

From LeftLane News:
Saab 9-5 preview
From AMS, again:
Saab 9-5 AMS
From Infomotori:
From one of our own, who I believe I can safely identify now as WooDz
From Car Magazine, 2006
From Auto Express:
new9-5ae1.jpg . new9-5ae2.jpg . new9-5ae3.jpg
From Tekniken’s Varld:
From AMS (again, again), a car they called the “9-5x” at the time:
AMScover 9-5x.jpg

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