A quick word of thanks….

I’ve added it to the About page for this website, but I just wanted to put a word of thanks on the front page as well.
Many people helped out at Trollhattan Saab over the years with imagery for headers, etc. To all of you: thankyou very much.
As you can see, there’s a fantastic new banner here at Saabs United as well as some groovy Griffins accompanying the individual post titles. I have a large number of banners to choose from and you’ll see them all in due course.
Those banners and graphics were all produced by one of the regulars here at TS – Tiago do Vale.
Tiago was very accommodating when I described what I was after and really helpful, supplying around 30 different headers (at least). I love the new graphics as they’ve really set the tone for the rest of the site.
If you need any graphic artwork done, Tiago’s your guy. He comes with my highest recommendation. He has an extensive portfolio of stuff, which you can view here.
You might be wondering if the rotating banners are coming back….
They will return if I can figure out the code. I’m not sure that the code used at TS will work here, but if it does then I’ll definitely implement it. It’s on the list!

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