EnG Snippets – thankfully, they are bailout-free!

Taking a break from the tension and negotiations that surround GM’s future with Saab or Saab’s future with GM, which ever way you view it, let’s talk about the cars for a few minutes, shall we?
– More safety accolades for Saab’s 9-3 line-up.
– At least one Saab dealership in the US sees a recent rise in sales.
– A couple of great Saab pics from Flickr.

First off, Saab’s entire 9-3 line up was cited as the “top pick” by the IIHS for safety for the fifth year in a row. This story was featured in Forbes, which brings us the screen shot below, but the best quote is from Searchautoparts.com’s James Guyette, who writes: “Despite the uncertainty and related cutbacks in production and jobs, Volvo and Saab are moving forward with new models featuring the fabled Swedish expertise. “

saab 9-3 forbes safety 2009.jpg

Second, it seems that our friends at Charles River Saab in Massachusetts have seen a recent surge in sales. According to an article in the Northwest Metro News, the Saab dealer sold six Saabs on Friday and on Saturday sold ten. That’s a substantial number considering that monthly sales figures for the entire nation are measured in hundreds. Ray Ciccolo, owner of the dealership, is quoted as saying, “I don’t remember the last time we did 10 cars.” Naturally, he attributes this short-term gain to the massive incentives that General Motors is throwing at their dealers.
Well done, no matter what you think the cause, well done.
From Flickr, a beautiful white 900 Aero (Carlsson?) with five-spoke wheels that I find compliment the car quite nicely. This on pjgh’s photostream:

And, I love the unique color in this photo of an old Saab 96 from willemalink:

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