Expect to hear a lot more about weight-saving design

I’ve read several press releases in the last few days talking about Saab’s “weight-saving design.” The article about the new reduced-emissions TTiD being promoted in Europe this week mentioned it. And today, the new BioPower/TTiD press release from Australia mentioned it too.
I’m pretty sure they actually weigh around the same as they did last year, so why all the dietary talk?
It seems to be part of Saab’s new emphasis on a word that’s been around for years in Saab circles – EcoPower.
From the Aussie press release:

Saab BioPower is part of the broader Saab environmental strategy EcoPower, which combines the enjoyment of a dynamic driving experience with the efficient use of resources to achieve responsible performance.

I’m pretty sure our 1994 Saab 9000 has EcoPower written right there on the engine.
This seems to be a new bit of promotional activity to tie-in with the Saab 9-3x release, which will happen in Geneva in a week from now. I’d suggest they’re going to promote the Saab 9-3x as a genuine SUV alternative, with the weight saving line being used in comparison to your normal large SUV’s.
Get used to hearing it. You’ll be hearing it a lot more this year.
A good thing, too. It’s a Saab-smart way to do things, even if it’s a little more marketing speak than intended design.

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