Expressen claim the Opel-Saab operation a possibility

My thanks to John S for sending through the following story, translated via the web from a story originally appearing at Expressen

Saab and Opel merge
* Saab has put the lid on.
* In the night speculating that General Motors will scrap the car brand Saab.
* But while going on an intensive effort to save the company – through a partnership with Opel.
Saab may be hours away from a closure. Late in the night took Expressen part of the information that General Motors abandons Saab car that is already Friday. All manufacturing and sales stopped and from today, when all functions are separated between General Motors, General Motors Europe and Saab Automobile access.
The new Saab may find it extremely difficult to survive without access to the car plant in Trollhättan, and without any new cars to sell.
Saab Car plant in Trollhättan Saab and employees locked out of the plant, owned by General Motors.
A press release will, as specified in the night, go out in the day at 09.00.

This is pretty similar to the story at Auto Motor and Sport. The Opel stuff is below.

Stop supplying Saab
The night was also informed that several suppliers stop deliveries to the Saab.
But while there are reports that Saab’s leadership launched a last survival plan – with GM Europe Carl-Peter Forster as motors. Forster is alleged to have been chairman of the board meeting held in Trollhättan at lunchtime yesterday. Forster was on the television link from Germany.
Several members of the Board confirms that the meeting ended without any points on the agenda dealt with.
According to the Expressen was Carl-Peter Fors Tersmeden message here:
– Sit calmly in the boat, there is still a chance.
– Opel is in fact as bad as Saab and maybe we can do something.
– Start with the new contact with the Swedish government and ask if they want to be in a new company. Sweden, Germany, some Länder in Germany, Opel and Saab can together be good owners. Determine if we are more likely to succeed this way if Saab carries out a reorganization.
And not a sound to anyone.

Perhaps the conclusion will come if and when they carry on this board meeting today?
More from Expressen:
“Collapse in two years’

More heavy union representatives yesterday expressed strong criticism of General Motors. Klaus Franz, chairman of the GM European Employers Forum with 55,000 GM employees as members, said:
– Stay in GM Opel waiting collapse within two years.
According to reports in German newspapers have no General Motors credit rating of the European Investment Bank, EIB, and this means that GM will never get any loans from the bank. This is also why the Opel and Saab is trying to take away from GM and seeking loans on their own.
Professor Christer Karlsson, on the School parts Franz assessment of General Motors as the owner.
– They are terrified owners right now, they are losing huge sums of money every day. To claim that GM does not want to take their responsibility as the owner is nonsense – they can not take their responsibility. GM can not afford the luxury to do anything but to concentrate all power on the core business in the U.S..
For Saab, Opel track last chance. And maybe it means that Saab still choose to do a reconstruction.
A reorganization can lead to significant reductions in liabilities, and are Opel and the Swedish government in the background as a partner and financiers, an administrator to consider that Saab continues to exist. According to the data to the magazine Ny Teknik Saab wants to have Guy Lofalk on Lofalks law firm in Stockholm as “administrator.
Contact with Merkel
The data that Maud Olofsson been in contact with the German Chancellor Angela Merkel strengthens the theory that the German Opel and Swedish Saab is planning for a future together.
When Maud Olofsson obstinately talking about the GM not sought loans from the EIB – despite the fact that Saab had submitted an application – it is part of the tactic. Olofsson is ready to open the wallet, but not until the day GM and Rick Wagoner is out of the picture.

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