How to register for comments with Saabs United

UPDATE II: If forgot an important step in these instructions – the confirmation email.
Registering as a user of Saabs United is easy and it’ll make your commenting and contributing experience at Saabs United a whole lot easier.
Registering for comments makes my life as a website administrator easier as registered commenters won’t get caught in a spam queue. I’ll also know I can trust your comments, meaning that I don’t have to query borderline comments that come in for moderation.
Registering for comments should also make your life easier as once you’ve registered, you should only need to click the sign-in link and via the magic of cookies the system should recognise you and auto-fill your information.
Whilst many websites do require registration nowadays, registration for comments at Saabs United is not mandatory. You can still make comments as you used to by filling out the comments form, but registration is recommended.
So how do you do it? Easy.

At the beginning of the comment form there is a link inviting you to “Sign In”
Click that link and you’ll be taken to a sign-in screen (see below).
On the right, there are several options for signing in. If you already have an account with Movable Type, OpenID, LiveJournal or Vox, then you can use your account details from those services to sign in here at Saabs United.
If you don’t have an account with those services, no worries. Just register directly with Saabs United.
To do that click on the “Sign Up” link, circled in the image below.
That link will take you through to a “Create an account” screen, where you enter in a few registration details.
The confirmation email
Once you’ve registered, you should recieve a confirmation email at the email address you’ve subitted in the registration process.
Click the link in that email and your registration process should be complete.
Once you account is created, your comments should go through with no issues at all.

NOTE: The information you submit is not passed on to any third parties. It is only stored for recognition and login purposes. I may use your email from time to time to get in touch and clarify an issue you might raise in comments. This is not unusual. Comments at TS also required an email address, which was used only sparingly and never passed on to a third party without express permission.

TIP: When registering as a user here at Saabs United, it would be good to use the same name and email combination you used at Trollhattan Saab. If you had a Gravatar image accompanying your comments there, the gravatar software will pick that up and install you image with your comments just as it did there. If you want to use a different name and email combination, that’s OK, but you may have to register that new combination with Gravatar to get your image to show on site.

As well as making your commenting experience easier now, Saabs United may expand to incorporate other services in the future. Your registration may enable your participation with those services at that time.

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