I’ll bet you didn’t know

I’ll bet that you didn’t know these things, and by extension I’m admitting that I certainly didn’t.
I’ll bet that you didn’t know that site sponsor State of Nine has many of their clearance items on a new auction site specifically for automotive goods.
state of nine clearance auction.jpg
If I had a 9-3 instead of the 9-5, I’d bid on some of those neoprene seat covers for summer.
I’ll bet that you didn’t know that GM Europe has a Flickr site with a collection of Saab photos.
Saab Air
(Swade, avert your eyes from the BLS pictures! They’re planning a BLS wagon this year, despite the lack of market for the sedan. Apparently, there are a lot of things that I don’t know. Thanks, ctm.)
Finally, I’ll bet that you didn’t know that someone in the 1980’s decided that making a Saab 900 look almost exactly like a 1982 Ford Mustang would be a good idea and that person actually took action on that notion?
I give you the 900stang or the Mustsaab!

C900 modded like a 1982 mustang.jpg

Thanks, Jeff!

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