New “Save Our Saab” T-Shirts

Ivan’s been busy playing around in our Saab Design T-Shirt Shop and he’s created a little something to spread the Reconstruction Spirit of positivity and independence.
Here are the two new designs, specially formulated to be worn at a Trade Union rally that might be held in your immediate area (or just to bolster some community spirit for Saab, as well).
We normally have a small margin on T-Shirts sold through the Saab Design Shop, but in order to get as many of these out into the public as possible, we’ve eliminated the margin completely. The only people getting paid for these puppies are our T-Shirt producers, Spreadshirt.
And remember, if you order before the end of February, you can get 15% off, too (see that link for the code you need to claim the discount.)
This is the one I’ve just made up, a ladies T-shirt, size M, in a nice slimming black. It’s being dispatched to the Swedsh Ministry of Enterprise.

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