No V6 for the Saab 9-3 in 2010? (reprise)

This re-post is sparked by a comment by “JV” today:

….The 2010 9-3 models will only be available with the 1.9TTid, 1.8t, 2.0t, and 2.0T. The XWD versions will only be available with the 2.0T engine. This is to comply with EU CO2 rules.
The Australian sourced V6 will therefore be discontinued for the 2010 model year onwards. If you want the V6 FWD or XWD in your 9-3, get it now because it will be gone after next year(Assuming there is a next year).

And an addendum:

The V6T will only be offered on the 2010 9-5. It is probably as it should be. Take note that all photos of the 2010 9-3X are with the 2.0T badging. This is not coincidence.
There is still a year left though. Perhaps they will allow the V6T in markets such as the US where CO2 rules are…well, non existent. I doubt it though because the cost to carry that expensive engine in one or two markets only would be very high.

To provide a little background information about this, I’d like to draw you back to two entries I did at Trollhattan Saab last year.
Djup Strupe and the Saab 9-3:

Heard from some reliable sources that there is talk, (or already even determined?) that there will be no v6 in the 9-3. Low volume and emissions being the reason. Originaly planed to be updated to the v6 today in the insignia. Now, its scratched. Is this the last year you can order a v6 in the small Saab?

and More Djup Strupe and the Saab 9-3:

As I understood the current 9-3 won’t get a facelift as previously planned. And it is the current 9-3 that you wont be able to get with a V6 in 2010. I asked and was told that this was the final year with the V6 in the 9-3. It was planned that the Insignia V6 would go into the 9-3, but that plan has been cancelled due to low demand, and probably due to the cost of getting it certified in the 9-3. And as I understand it, the current V6 is being made in too few numbers.
The next 9-3 wont, as some people wrote, fit a V6. The global compact (delta) has no V6.

These entries were from October 2008 and this latest information seems to confirm what we were told back then.
With the new 9-5 coming, it probably makes a lot of sense. It’s also a nice nod to the Saab ethos of turbocharged fours that their base model of the time would offer just that engine.
Hopefully they might upgrade the four cylinder in the 9-3, though, so that it makes a bit more power for the upper-level models. One of those DI-turbo engines might be nice.

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