Many of you have talked about something like this in comments and now SU site sponsor mobilforum Dresden have kicked things off. is their endeavour to bring people on board in a fund-raising effort to support Saab during what will be a rocky road in the months to come.
This is the English language press release:


People who own a Saab are not only regular customers or vehicle owners. Saab drivers are special. They are enthusiasts and individualists. They are visionaries and achievers.

It takes people like this to convert an idea that was born in current struggling times into reality: The rescue of their beloved brand – Saab – preserving its survival for the future.

Tobias Kaboth, Managing Director of the official Saab-Dealer mobilforum Dresden:

“Rumors and negative news keep coming our way. Reports about the downfall of the traditional brand Saab are getting stronger. This causes customers to call all the time, they ask us about the latest news and to ensure us that no other car brand would serve as an alternative to them.”

This is how the idea evolved to rescue Saab by buying it.

“During a night-time brain storming session we founded a group called “Rescue Saab e.V.” and designed its website, where a community can grow strong enough to have a voice. By paying a starting member fee between 50 and 500 Euros, each member will become a Saab stockholder once the company is bought. The more money is put in, the more stocks will get issued to the member.

“We are not going to sit tight and watch the fall of our beloved brand: We love Saab – We will rescue Saab!”, underlines Michael Hesse, Managing Director at the mobilforum Dresden.

Everything is trustworthy, notarial certified and administered through a trust. Attorney Adam and corporate consultant Mathias Oldenburg will assure that the legalities of the trust are in order. In the event that the ideas fails and the collected money is not enough to buy Saab, every member will get their money back.

The initiators of “Rescue Saab” at mobilforum Dresden are well aware of the scope of their action and that it must sound crazy to people uninvolved. There is more necessary then founding a group and creating a website in order to buy a company like Saab.

However, the first responses have encouraged the initiators to keep working.

A possible investor recognizes through the actions of the “Rescue Saab” group a potential connected to the brand of Saab and how loyal the community of Saab-Drivers and Friends are.

At best, the club “Rescue Saab e.V.” will support a potential investor with its collected money or by giving advice from loyal Saab clients.

Prominent Saab drivers such Stefan Raab, Bastian Pastewka but also Bill Gates, Steven King and Jay Leno will be contacted to support this campaign.

“With the help of their promises and their name we will make it and Saab will survive!”, concludes Kapoth and Hesse, who are both optimistic about the chance of success.


ADDENDUM – You can register at the site without having to make a contribution to the group at this time. Your registration as a sign of support is appreciated by the group managers.

OK, now the hard part…’s generally not good policy to risk annoying a sponsor, but if I’m going to publicise this then I feel an indication of my intentions is necessary so to not be misleading….

Whilst I’m happy to spread the word about this endeavour, please do not take this publicity as an endorsement or an indication of my intention to participate. I have informed mobilforum Dresden of this.

If Saab eventually get to a point where they want to raise capital via a share sale, then I’ll be on board with no hesitation. Until then, I’ve got a big mortgage and a blog-supporting wife who’d rather see our money there than in a law firm’s trust account on the other side of the world.

I am VERY supportive of the idea of anyone contributing in whatever way they can to help Saab and encourage everyone to give this their due consideration, but I won’t be participating personally.

I am not a financial advisor and this post is not financial advice.

On an entirely different note….
Stefan Raab drives a Saab???
That’s the coolest thing I’ve heard this week! How he didn’t win Eurovision with that song still baffles me.

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