Saab 1961 Annual Report

I just received this partial scan of the Svenska Aeroplen Aktiebolaget 1961 Annual Report and thought it might be interesting reading and some light relief from the heavy going of the last week.
Magnus sent in some notes about these pages, which are also reproduced below. There’s something simplistic and beautiful about all this, which is what Saab are all about in many ways.
Page 1 of the report
Page 1.jpg
Notes from Magnus:
A while ago I found a really nice copy of the annual chairman’s report from 1961.
At that time the Saab Automotive business was still a division inside the Saab company, which is very obvious from the image on page three.
Page 3.jpg
A quick and shortened translation of page four states that the shareholders are invited to participate in the negotiations but need to register at the main office in Linköping no later than noon April 28th. At the same location the board will meet prior to this time.
Looking at the pictures in page 4, I can’t help feeling a bit sad that GM has ruined the Saab heritage so much during the last 15-20 years. I think these old Saab cars are so beautiful, the styling,performance and individuality is as good as it can get. And look at the colours, they are amazing even though the scanned images looses some quality.
Page 4.jpg
Page 5 tells us that 31.000 cars were delivered 1961 compared to 23.000 in 1960. 10.000 vehciles were sold outside Sweden. The capacity limit is now 36.000 vehciles per year and is used to 100%.
Page 5.jpg
My thanks to Magnus for this fantastic look back at Saab’s past!

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