Saab 9-3x early review

Alltommotor were one of the Swedish motoring mags to get a ticket to the recent Saab 9-3x test drive at Jukkasjarvi and they’ve just published their quick Saab 9-3x review online.
They must be feeling a little cheeky this weekend as they’ve rated the car as being 4 Mauds out of 5!
Those of you who read Swedish might want to click through at that link and read the story for yourselves in full.
The rest of you will have to be satisfied with my interpretation of a googletrans:

  • They really like the 9-3x and the segment that it’s moving to, which they see as a growing area: cars that can handle the rougher stuff without being full blown SUVs. The bonus is much better fuel economy.
  • Diesel is not available with XWD due to cost constraints. The trade off is the excellent economy and low emissions with the FWD twin-turbo diesel.
  • The added height means you can handle the rougher stuff but the Saab remains stable and is suited to more ‘active’ driving
  • Saab enthusiasts should love it, but they wonder if it will win people from other brands, whether it makes the technical leap needed to do that.

Overall, they give a very positive impression of the car. As the first shot out of the locker in Saab’s new model program, it should be a good one. One they can build on, I dare to hope.
Swede-speakers and others might also want to click through for the video they have there. There’s some rolling footage of the 9-3x as well as some face time with Jan-Ake Jonsson (screenshot below 🙂

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