Saab 9-3x test drive snippets

The article about Jan-Ake Jonsson that I published earlier was set in northern Sweden where a bunch of Swedish journalists are test driving the Saab 9-3x.
Saab 9-3x
ctm’s been kind enough to track some of their initial thoughts about the car.
From Teknikens Varld:

  • Looks much better in real life than in pictures.
  • Manages the test track very well. If one buys this car, one should go for the eLSD option
  • Feels much more like a passenger car than, for example, Volvo XC70.


  • Too bad Saab didn’t gave the car some treatment on the inside to match the outside.
  • Too **** bad that this car didn’t arrive five years ago or more.


  • A new version that is planned to raise the sale with 5%.
  • The look and the attitude is the main thing.
  • Much better in terrain; otherwise like a normal 9-3 with XWD – and that means good.
  • Biggest drawback is that the diesel is not available with XWD, That will scare away some European buyers.

From Alsommotor:
JAJ claims they should be able to sell 3,000-4,000 cars per year.

  • It’s a good looking car. Comfortable, good seats, and very good handling.

From Auto Motor and Sport:

  • Winter driving gives a much better illustration of it’s handling characteristics that the Turbo X tests we did in dry weather previously.
  • Very comfortable suspension setup
  • Ground clearance really makes a difference for mobility
  • Disappointing about the lack of diesel and XWD. Just not economically viable for Saab at the moment.

Thanks ctm!

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