Saab dealer in NJ sees positive future

There’s around 70 standalone Saab dealers in the US. Whilst I hope that all Saab dealers end up not only surviving, but thriving, it’s the standalone dealers that I am most hopeful for.
These are the guys with a true belief in Saab. Belief enough to spend serious money on Saab-designed facilities. Guys who have embraced the Saab philosophy and made it their business, their livelihood.
So I was pleased when Kurt K forwarded this email from the dealer he’s been using for years, Reinersten Motors, in New Jersey.
I’m sure many of you have questions about the outlook for Saab and Reinertsen Motors. I’ve attached a letter directly from General Motors that is addressed to you, our customers, to gain a bit of insight into the future for Saab Automobile AB.
Independence from GM is a very exciting initiative as far as we are concerned! I want to thank you for your business and assure you that we will be here to continue providing the excellent service you expect from your local Saab Experts. While the future is unknown, we have a long-standing reputation to uphold. We have no plans to change our focus and we commit to fostering the same great relationship we have had with you, our loyal Saab owners, since 1970.
Choose NOT to participate in the recession! NOW is a great time to buy or lease a new Saab. Your new Saab is fully protected with all the warranties and maintenance programs offered at the time of purchase. And, we currently have an excellent selection of Certified Pre-Owned vehicles that provide great savings and the comfort of knowing that your vehicle comes with a 6-year or 100,000 mile warranty.
If you’ve recently been in to see us, thanks for coming by and stay tuned for more updates about Saab’s exciting Road to Independence.
Here’s to many more years of Happy Saab Motoring!
My best wishes to all at Reinertsen and all the other standalone Saab guys as well.
Hang in there. You folks are the cream of the crop as far as I’m concerned. I hope your faith in the Saab brand is rewarded.

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