Saab-i problems

Apparently the folks at Saab have updated one of their website widgets to include the release of
Mighty nice of them!
However, when I clicked on a link to view the Saab-i newsletter online (as provided by Robin M earlier in the day), I noticed two problems.
First of all, there’s the final sentence of the paragraph:

Welcome to join the Saab community

Is Borat writing the copy for you guys nowadays? 🙂
Secondly, there’s the sentence just before that one:

With Saab-i you will receive news on our products before anyone else

Come on, Borat, you know that’s not true. If you want them to get the news first, send them to!!!
Hey, it’s Friday afternoon. I’m in a mischevious mood!
My option to doing this was a post titled “Saabs United wears underpants today, receives email.

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