Saab lease residuals downgraded in US

Here’s yet another reason why it’ll be good if GM and the Swedish government can sort out their situation in relation to Saab’s future.
US leasing advisory service, Automotive Lease Guide, are cutting the expected residual rating for the 2009 Saab range. These residual estimates directly effect lease rates and also have an influence on vehicle perception and used car prices.
The 2008 Saab range had an estimated three-year residual of 43.2%.
For 2009, this has been downgraded by seven percentage points to 36.1%
A depressed market. An uncertain future. Now, a further disincentive for people to consider picking up a Saab in the US.
I really hope GM and the Swedes can get the act together soon.
Here’s Keith Crain, editor in chief of Automotive News:

Retail customers are starting to shy away from the endangered brands. If GM doesn’t act immediately, it will not make any difference to those dealers whether GM declares bankruptcy. When customers feel that the future of a brand is uncertain, it doesn’t matter whether the company is insolvent. In many instances since World War II, customers sensed that a brand was near the end, and they abandoned it. If GM has any hope of salvaging those brands, whether for itself or a new owner, it must act and act swiftly.

Too true.
Link: Automotive News (sub)

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