Saab Performance – entry into the Swedish Touring Car Championship

Following on from rumours of its development last year and a bit of uncertainty as to whether or not this project would actually get off the ground, the Dealer Sport team finally unveilied their Saab 9-3 BioPower entry into the 2009 Swedish Touring Car Championship.
The team displayed the car yesterday at the Saab Museum in Trollhattan:
TTELA covered the story, and Dippen has provided a quick translation of that article:

Saab and racing have gone hand in hand for many years and the interest is big.
– “What can be more suitable than to show the car here in Trollhättan”, says Jan Warnestad ,the chief for the Dealer Sport Saab Performance team.
A lot of invited people took the chance to see the new Saab 9-3 that will compete in the STCC series this year.
This is a project that was kept in secrecy before the unveiling in 2008 at Mantorp Park.
– “We started the project in March 2008 and we kept silent about it”, says Warnestad
The car has been built in Trollhättan at the prototype workshop but it is nowdays located at Dealer Sport Saab Performance in Karlstad. Now there will be more tests before the premiere
Jan Warnestad has sold Opel in Karlstad since 1977 and knows what racing means for a car dealer.
– “In 1980 Anders Kulläng won the Swedish Rally in a Opel Ascona, that got me interested in racing”
29 years later he is team chief for the new Saab team.
– Thoughts about building a Saab 9-3 has been for a long time, but it took some
time for the idea to become reality.
In the new car there is something in common between Saab and Opel. The STCC-Saab has a lot of technical parts from the Opel Astra that Tommy Rustad drove in 2007.

The Dealer Sport has a website, available in both Swedish and English, and located at
Here’s a rundown on theior car, taken from that website. The STCC series starts on May 2nd with a meeting at Mantorp Park. I’ll cover whatever news comes out of it.
Good luck to the Dealer Sport team!!!

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