Saab production resumes today

Yesterday’s story of Saab’s production being stalled for the day was broadcast on just about every motoring website there is.
I wonder if today’s story will get such widespread coverage?
From and sent in by Erik in comments.

The job started as usual at Saab
Published today. 08:07
The day’s work shift started as usual at Saab Automobile in Trollhättan on Thursday morning. On Wednesday, they produced only 40 cars before production halted.
– “The stop had nothing to do with Customs. It involved a single supplier that we now have agreed with,” says Gunilla Gustavs of Saab’s Information Department to TT.
Customs has blocked entry and exit of goods and cars after the company’s request for reconstruction. According to Gunilla Gustavs it is not because of any unpaid debts, but the credit procedures against Tullverket as changed.
– “They have changed in the procedures that we have to follow and it is administratively a little trickier for us. But we work focused with the issue.”

It sounds like yesterday’s halting of production was more to do with a single supplier than with the issue at Swedish Customs.
I believe both issues should now be resolved.

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