Saab’s unique selling point?

It’s been a long week and I’m pretty exhausted. Drained.
I’ll leave you with this thought for a Sunday: What is, and what should be Saab’s unique selling point?
I got asked what Saab’s unique selling point was during my chat/liveblog over at The Truth About Cars a few days ago and in a live typing session with a bunch of questions being fired at me all at once, I couldn’t come up with a good answer quickly.
I could have answered turbocharging, but that’s not so unique anymore. I could have answered quirkiness, but I hate that word and anyway, they’re just not as …. as…..quirky as they used to be.
Scandinavian? And does that matter with a car? (Yes, by the way, to me at least)
The truth is that I had trouble answering that question because, for me at least, Saab’s unique selling point got thrown out the window when they ditched the hatchback.
For me, the unique selling point about Saab was versatility. That combination of luxury, performance, safety and practicality that only Saab offered in one car.
How many other cars could you fill with stuff from the hardware store in the morning and take to the track in the afternoon?
I went back to TTAC and added those thoughts in comments, but it troubles me that I couldn’t think of something on the fly. It was 1am at the time, but still….
So what do you think Saab’s unique selling point is now, and what should it be in the future?
They may have that rare opportunity in the coming years to re-create. They’ll need to nail it first time.

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