Saturday Night Snippets

We have some guests from interstate at the moment, hence the slow posting this weekend.
My thanks to Gunnar from AutomobilesDeluxe and Etienne and Golfhunter at Saabhuy for acknowledging the birth of SaabsUnited on their respecitve websites.
Wind at your back, sun shining on you, etc.
There is no official Saab distributor in India, which is why the sighting of this Turbo X in Mumbai is quite surprising.
If you’re the mystery Turbo X owner in India, then please drop us a line and tell us the story.
Thanks Dippen!
Chris Bangle has shown off his last hurrah for BMW with the 5-series GT concept.
Looks like a slightly flattened X6 to me and like almost every BMW, is just plain unattractive.
Whilst I don’t find the car appealing from that angle, a look from the rear is a different thing all together.
So that’s turbocharging and the hatch they’re threatening to take from Saab.
Time for Saab to take them back if you ask me.
And finally, AutoVisie claim that this is the new 2011 Saab 9-5 wagon.
Something in me says “I hope not”
According to the article accompanying the image, they say that GM have stopped development of the 2.9 diesel being built in conjunction with VM Motori (which would be both a huge mistake and totally unsurprising). They also say there’ll be a lot in common with the Saab 9-4x in terms of the interior of the vehicle, and that the look of the car has been very well received in market testing they’ve done so far, better in fact that Audis currently on the market.
Thanks to Jeroen and Jacco!

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