Saturday Snippets – Reconstruction and Zen edition

I don’t want to tell a guy how to suck eggs, but I hope someone at Saab, probably at SaabUSA, is going to take the bull by the horns here and emphasise that Saab’s latest announcement is a good thing, not a bankruptcy.
I think that the US could probably help its own companies by taking the Chapter 11 proceedings out of their Bankruptcy Code and making them a set of separate corporate reconstruction laws on their own.
Consumer Reports has virtually killed Saab with their reportage of the proceedings. A totally negative article.
Dave Thomas over at Kicking Tires took a much more responsible approach and his article gives a much better description of what’s really going on.
Yes, this is a stressing time and companies don’t do what Saab’s done because they’re healthy. But there’s a right way to cover it and then there’s the way Consumer Reports (and others, I’m sure) have done it.
If you only read one article about Saab today, make sure it’s this one at The Truth About Cars.
It’s Gold.
For those who might have missed the link, I participated in a live blog/chat about Saab at TTAC last night whilst JAJ was doing his press conference.
Tough work at 1am, but it worked out OK.
And my own moment of Zen to add to Eggs’ collection from earlier.
I love my Monte, but lately I’ve been missing my Viggen more and more. It really was the pinnacle of that era.

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