Sick of this ****

So many rumours. So much insecurity.
You know, I didn’t start this website to cover this sort of thing. It’s morphed into a Saab company business-watch site by necessity and I’m really getting tired of it. I’m hesitant to publish a story right now because I know it’ll likely be refuted by “someone familiar with GM’s plans” around an hour or so later.
I started Trollhattan Saab because I loved driving Saab cars. I wanted to learn about them and write about them as I went along. Back then there was a lot to learn. I’m not saying I know it all now (far from it) but in February 2005 Saab Sweden had a 9-3 sedan and convertible and a 9-5 sedan and wagon. In four years they’ve added a 9-3 SportCombi, XWD and a couple of model refreshes.
One might have assumed in February 2005 that by February 2009 we’d have a little more to talk about, purely in terms of Saab vehicles. It’s been difficult keeping content going up here without covering the same old stuff again and again and again. Do you need to read another Saab 9-3 road test right now?
What’s kept things going in the midst of this are the stories of Saab owners. If there’s no news in the cars then the connections between the people are the what sustains us. For your part in helping out with that, I thank you.
I made the transition to Saabs United now because I still believe that Saab have a future and it’s a future I’d like to be part of. My Saabs still bring me as much enjoyment now as they’ve always done. I drove my Monte to work this morning and couldn’t help but smile as soon as I sat in it. How many everyday cars give you that sort of feeling?
I hope that something comes in the next days and weeks to indicate that that feeling can continue. And when that’s sorted, I hope we can get back to talking about the cars, and little else, for some considerable time.
Saab are a great company with a fascinating heritage. The neglect of that heritage, both from within (to an extent) and from external parties (much more), almost borders on the criminal. I’m proud to be a Saab nut and I’ll be happy to remain one if the company stays viable and true to itself.
The next few days will probably tell us a lot as to whether than can be the case. I just wish they’d hurry.

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