Swedish government respond

The Swedish government press conference is happening right now.
This is Maud olofsson and Joran Hagglund addressing a small-ish press corps.
We’ll await some of our Swedish friends sending in the news. I’ve got to learn to speak Swedish.
The headline at TTELA is not good:
TTELA are running an updated post on the press conference, which sounds really bad so far. This is via Google translator so it’s not 100% accurate, but it’s close enough to be scary.
I am deeply disappointed in General Motors, begins Maud Olofsson. She believes that GM does not run Saab in a good way and that they now fit over the responsibility of the Swedish taxpayers.
State Jöran Hägglund presents figures on the automotive industry and General Motors.
We are not prepared to risk taxpayers’ money. It is not we play Monopoly, “said Maud Olofsson after Jöran Hägglunds review.
Olofsson refers to the plan presented to Government in July, with the support of research and development, among others.
The skills that exist within fordonskustret can lead to development in other areas, “she says and cites wind turbines as an example.
We will during the day to contact the municipality, unions, businesses and so on. We have Innovatum in Trollhättan, University West, our research.
Olofsson claims that the government should focus on helping the people at risk of becoming unemployed, and to develop new industries.
Should the government step in and take over a company that not even GM is prepared to invest in?, argues the Minister for Trade.
– The realistic alternative is a reorganization of the company, “said Maud Olofsson, in a matter of TTELA’s reporter.
What will happen to the Saab models that is in the pipeline?
It is not government’s job to create new models for Saab. Would we do it better than one of the world’s largest car manufacturer, who is responsible? said Minister for Trade.
With the news that you should invest in finding new jobs in the automotive industry or in other areas. Some package wanted Olofsson not promising.
The press conference concluded.
Lundin fills in the gaps that TTELA and Google missed:

Maud and the Swedish Gov will wait to see how the US gov handles the GM request in March.
The gov presents numbers on how current automotive industry is shrinking and nothing from GM and saab has shown why Saab should increase their sales rather than continue to decrease even if new models is being introduced.
The Swedish Gov don’t dare to invest in Saab when GM doesn’t want to take any further responsibility in Saab. They can’t even prove they exist in January 1 2010 which they said in their report.
Maud points out that she wants to take the competence and technology that exists in Saab into a new “technology centra” with Swedish Gov fundings that was presented late 2008.
The Swedish Gov. Will NOT with current plan give any warranty for a EIB loan.

Further comment from Lundin
Maud want focus Swedish engineering know-how into green technology industries rather than current Saab product line.
Somehow,she doesn’t grasp the connection to future Saab products and alternative fuels but i am not surpised.
Why are Jan-Åke unable to show a viable plan for Saab ? He said to me Saab didn’t made a net loss for 2008 when calucalting the operation done in Trollhättan Vs the sales of Saab cars.
Why can’t he show that report for a future buyer.
Why doesn’t GM “give away” Saab to any future buyer in order to secure money for parts and components for the current line up.
Anyone for a Saab wind turbine in their front yard?
For someone who doesn’t want a stake in something and thereby tell them what to do, she’s sure full of suggestions.
Anyway, all is not lost YET, though I have a bad feeling about this now.

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