The curious case of the Saab 9-3x

I’ve been looking at it and thinking about it and I’m not sure there’s been a more curious vehicle in Saabs range in a long time. The 9-3x is a bit like a mystery wrapped inside a riddle.
Who is it trying to reach?
Is it those looking for an SUV alternative? It certainly fits the bill there with better dynamics, better seats, better handling and a very capable cargo capacity. It looks a bucketload better than your average SUV, too.
Maybe they’re quietly trying to woo the LGBT community? If you think I’m going nuts here, consider this: Saab have traditionally been very popular with the LGBT community, finishing top three in their vehicle research surveys for most of the last few years. Recently, that prominence has faded. The new darling in this highly cashed-up market? Subaru, particularly with the girls. Anyone want to posit that the 9-3x isn’t a Subaru competitor with a fancier suit?
Maybe it’s just your regular Saab customer looking for something more versatile? I’ve never been there but I can just imagine a number of New Englanders seeing one of these heading down the street and re-discovering Saab for the first time in 10 years or so.
And how does it really look?
Just a few days ago I thought it had been designed by Donald Duck:
Saab 9-3x
And today I’m ready to grab one and go buy a kayak or something similarly insane:
For those with an open mind – is there a Saab owner out there without one? – this has to be a tempting proposition on one level or another.
I’m in no way an ‘outdoors guy’ but I still find myself curious about the possibility of some seat time in one of these just to see what it can do. A 2.0T and XWD with some extra clearance and Saab’s driving characteristics?
Give me one in red and let me loose!

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