Thursday Snippets

Bloomberg are sowing seeds of skepticism about Saab’s survival with a piece indicating that Saab may not be able to secure the funding it needs to keep going.
The Swedish government has pledged to guarantee loans from the European Investment Bank but they want to see more commitment (money) from General Motors in order to provide assurance of Saab’s sustainability.
That mightn’t have been so difficult six months ago, but with the bottom falling out of the market in recent months (Saab were down by between 50-60% last month) it’s now a much different proposition.
GM are counting on the Swedish government not wanting to lose Saab. The Swedish government are counting on GM wanting to build Saab up so that it’s saleable in the future rather than just shutting it down and getting nothing back for its efforts thus far.
It’s a giant game of corporate chicken.
Hopefully someone blinks before the weekend so we’ve still got cars to talk about in the future.
Forbes have named the Saab 9-3 on of their Safest Cars of 2009.
More should be made of this. We know it. Forbes know it. The market should know it, too.
Top Gear have a cracker of a blog post that sums up GM’s stewardship of Saab pretty well:

If you want to know what’s been ailing Saab all these years, today’s unveiling of the 9-3X wagon is a good place to start. Saab actually invented this car seven years ago. But GM bungling means it hasn’t been released until now.

That is the blogging equivalent of a nutshell. Recommended reading.
Arild ensures the flag is flying at all times:

Here’s a wintry greeting from Norway. We have had a lot of snow the last days and when you drive the snow whirls up behind the car and covers the back of the car completely. But one should always let other people know what car one is driving!

I’d just like to take a brief moment to thank everyone for their quick uptake here at Saabs United.
I swiched over from Trollhattan Saab to this blog on the weekend, which is traditionally a very quiet time, and today (Thursday) we have our 500th comment on the site.
A small milestone, but one worth mentioning.

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