Welcome to SaabsUnited.com!

Greetings all.

Welcome to a new start for me with Saab blogging – SaabsUnited.com.

There are probably two questions going through your mind right now. 1) Why? and 2) What’s happened to Trollhattan Saab?

Let’s answer those and a few others……


There’s a number of reasons why a fresh start was a good idea. The biggest problem with Trollhattan Saab was a number of legacy issues to do with the software it runs on and the organisation of blog entries there. TS was started in a time where I knew absolutely nothing about how to organise a website and that lack of knowledge now hampers its functionality.

Another reason is the scalability of this new (old) software the site’s running on. It’ll allow me to do a number of things I couldn’t be bothered with doing at TS.

Also, it just felt right. 2009 is going to be a year of change for Saab and I felt it appropriate that I pull the trigger on this much-needed change for my Saab blogging.

What’s happened to TS?

Trollhattan Saab is still right where it always was. The front page URL has been automatically diverted here, to Saabs United, which is probably how you got here. Individual TS pages can still be accessed (e.g. Lance Cole’s brilliant piece on The Saab Smell) so TS will still be getting thousands of hits per day via search and pre-existing links.

TS won’t receive any new articles, however. In effect, it’s become an archive and all new posting will take place here at Saabs United.

What’s your favourite color?
Lightning Blue, or navy blue. Blue.

So why Saabs United?
It seemed like a good name and it was available. I had a couple of other choices that I would have preferred, but they weren’t available.

Having lived with this name for a while now, I’ve grown quite attached to it. If there’s one thing Saab could use this year (and in the future), it’s a united group of customers and enthusiasts. We’ve always had a pretty good crowd at TS, so I’m hoping that Saabs United will provide a good base for that to be re-created.

And also because it sounds like a English Premier League soccer team. Something we can all cheer for. Kinda.

Is it alright to call it SU?
Yes it is. And just be glad it’s not Fiats United.

What’s the difference between this and TS?
To you, the reader, hopefully there won’t be any noticeable differences at all. As you can see, the design format is basically the same and aside from the commenting system, there shouldn’t be much difference at all in the way you use the site. the pages should, generally speaking, load a bit quicker. You may have to refresh the page occasionally, but other than that it should be business as usual at your end.
Behind the scenes, however, there are a number of differences that will make my life as a blog administrator much easier.

Does this site have an RSS feed?
Yes it does. Copy and paste this into your feed reader:


That should get you set up just nicely.

Anything else we should be aware of?
All videos have been moved to a separate area – essentially their own site. If I want to use video I’ll link to it there. There are some issues with javascript, videos and Internet Explorer, so I figured this was a prudent move.

And whilst we’re talking about web browsers, this site really does look a while lot better in either Firefox or Safari. If you’re looking at this on Internet Explorer then please consider getting Firefox. It’s free and easy to install. You’re getting a sub-optimal experience with IE. Really.

Oh, there’s also a translator widget in the left sidebar, so if you’d prefer to read articles in a lanuguage other than English, like, internet Finnish, then go for your life.

What happened to the categories?
At TS, stories were organised into categories. This became pretty cumbersome, however, and category descriptions weren’t always relevant.

Saabs United will be organised with tags. Each story will have a list of tags at the end, which are descriptors for the key elements of the article. You can click on a tag you’re interested in to see other stories with the same tag. There’s also a clickable “tag cloud” in the right sidebar which organises the tags used most often. The larger the tag, the more it appears in the archives.

None of this is new stuff, I realise, but it is new to TS-SU.

Anything else we need to know?
I’ve imported around 100 or so stories from TS just so there’s something for people to look at. None of the comments have been imported, however.

Please note that TS is not lost. The homepage will automatically divert to SU, but the individual articles still work on their own. If you use the site search facility here, it will look up articles both here and at TS, so that entire archive is still at people’s disposal.

Also, I’ll be adding a few other sub-sites as well in the future. The first one that I can tell you about will be a site dedicated to the ongoing project that is my 1999 Saab 9-3 Monte Carlo. One or two others may follow in due course.

That’s it?
I think so.

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