What you do for Saab right now matters

If you’ve been hanging around TS and SU for a while now then you know I’ve had my ups and downs along the way. I’ve been the beneficiary of a great deal of support from many of you over the last four years and the fact that I’m still doing this is largely because of you. So I know how helpful this kind of support can be.
Maybe you do, too, from other things you’ve been involved in.
I’ve been fortunate enough to receive some internal communications from Saab and I just wanted to pass on some encouragement to all the supporters, all the fans, all the Saab Rescuers, all my fellow Saab bloggers and Saab forum moderators….
Saab see what you do and they really appreciate the support.
This internal paper is the first of it’s kind. I guess they’re starting a new communications initiative in line with the new independent thinking there.
As an aside, I got an email from WooDz today and in it he sent along a thought from a friend in Sweden:

We are all very excited about the carve-out or divorce from GM. It’s no problem for the leadership team to get people to work day and night with great enthusiasm

The notion of a Saab Company that’s free to design and market its own cars has energised a lot of people, including visitors to this and other Saab websites.
Well, Saab have noticed this, as evidenced by this content from their new internal communication:

Saab on the web
The interest in Saab comes not only from media but also from the general public. We know the Saab target audience is highly computer literate but we were surprised to learn that over the last week we had up to 4 million hits per day at www.saab.com.
We’ve also been impressed by the level of passion shown by the numerous enthusiasts around the world particularly the on-line community. The standard enthusiast sites are receiving unprecedented views and there are also new on-line campaigns springing up daily…..

What you do matters.
We may not be standing in line with a sign on a cold night or living in suspended animation wondering about our jobs, We may not have taken a pay cut to keep working for Saab, but we do what we can – be there in support and let Trollhattan know that for as long as Saab is to have a future, then they can be assured that they’ll have future customers.

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