You make the news (again) – if there is any

As I head off to bed, the situation is as follows:
A number of Swedish news outlets were saying that Saab were in a board meeting as of 11am this morning, Swedish time.
As I started writing this, Dippen chimed in with a report stating that the meeting had been cancelled…..
lofalk143_41690i143.jpg NyTeknik claim that this guy, literally – Guy Lofalk – is going to be the administrator that will supervise the reorganisation of the Saab business.
I suspect that this report is speculation rather than confirmation of the appointment.
E24 have talked to a specialist who reckons that Saab have about 3 months to execute the reorganisation and wonders if there’s any more value that can be unlocked with Saab.
Again, this is just an opinion piece and opinions right now are like Hyundai Excels back in the late 1990s – everyone’s got one.
There’s reports flying thick and fast at the moment. I will attempt to contact Saab but I have a feeling they’ll be a little busy today.
In the meantime, perhaps some of you Swedes can keep us up to date with what develops.
Damn time zones!

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