You make the news – Saab press conference

UPDATEhere’s what I was doing while the press conference was on.

UPDATE II – Apparently the government are going to respond to the Saab press conference with a press conference of their own.
Here’s hoping it’s more positive than the last one. It’s scheduled for 16:30 CET. Please provide coverage as per usual.
It’s 1:50am here and I’m off to bed.

Saab have a press conference scheduled for 14:30 CET
I’m going to try and stay awake, but the press conference will be in Swedish and it may be some time after 14:30 when the translations hit the web.
You guys have such an incredible job of updating one another, I figured it was probably the best way to cover this event.
Comments are open!!
The press conference is expected to cover further details of Saab’s reconstruction plans as outlined in their press release from earlier today.
I imagine that one or more of the Swedish news websites will provide coverage of the conference online.
What an awesome day!
Whilst you’re waiting, the court documents lodged by Saab are located here (p7 for English) and here (all in Swedish – bummer).
Actually, if you want to pre-empt the press conference, they’ll give you all you need.

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