Young racer made her start with Saab

This is Kamilla Stara, apparently the only youngest female Czech racer going around in official racing circles some time ago. I think that might be Max Mosely standing next to her in this photo. Good to see him getting out in public without the need for a good spanking.
And here’s Kamila in earlier times. Right now in 2009 she’s still quite a young woman, but this photo was taken when she was around 15 years old, back in 2001. She’s showing off one of her many early trophies.
And this is why she’s earned an entry here at Saabs United…..
Kamila now races small open-wheelers, but her early days were spent as a young hill-climber in a Saab 96. Apparently this photo was taken in her first year in the FIA Historic Hill Climing series, when she finished second in class. The next year she went on and won the class.
She might not be racing Saabs anymore, but hopefully she’s still got a soft spot for them.
Thanks Papluh!

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