2009 – the year that will quite possibly change autodom forever

I just want to draw people’s attention to an article at Autocar that was linked to in comments.
In the article, Hilton Holloway records “a moment”. It was only a brief few minutes at a large European car show, but I think he captured it perfectly.
I reported earlier that GM’s higher beings had absented themselves from Saab’s product launch at Geneva this year. Holloway captures the moment when they did drop in for a quick look-around.
It’s only a moment, but it’s an important one and Holloway’s ending captures it pretty well:

One thing is for sure. By the time the Frankfurt show comes around in September, Lutz will have retired after a massively influential automotive career and Forster and Jonsson will either have pulled off their rescue bids or the European car industry will have been changed forever.

Even if they pull off their rescue bids, there’s still little doubt that the automotive landscape will change this year. Hopefully for the better.
A highly recommended article.

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