A little more from the Geneva Motor Show

Whilst we’re waiting on reportage from our correspondent in Geneva, I thought a couple of photos might be in order….
Here’s a very tasty shot of the new Saab 9-3x on display in Geneva.
The Saab light show is a very classy act. You might see the people on the other side of the light wall, as that’s where Saab typically have their cafe and meeting area. It’s very popular with visitors to the show. Click to enlarge.
Another shot of the Saab 9-3x, which seems to give off it’s own magnetic field, or something similar. Halo effect?
Don’t tell me it’s just part of the light wall’s transition, please! I want to believe. Click.
The guys from Hirsch Performance stare as Robin starts to vapourise from the head down, right before their eyes. It’s a party trick he likes to do every now and then. Click to enlarge.
More Photos at Robin’s Flickr account, and Golfhunter’s Flickr account as well.

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