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I received this update via email and I’m sure many of you have received it as well.
For those who haven’t, here’s the latest from Rescue-Saab, a consortium being set up by site sponsors Mobil Forum in Dresden, Germany.
Dear Rescue Saab-Community,
In our last newsletter, we asked “How much is Saab worth to you?”. Until now, 3,200 “Rescuers” have participated in the survey. Currently, we have a sum of 4 Million Euro. All of your answers are, of course, non-binding. We are waiting a few more days.
We concentrate altogether on the building of a serious association. Shortly, we meet a Swedish and a German economic chamber in Berlin. Some lawyers and Saab-dealers will be present, as well. We will talk with them about the first details of the new holding association.
Right now, we have some other good news: We are in contact with the Swedish & International investor group. This group submitted an offer to buy Saab from GM.
The challenge and the spirit by this investor group is the revival of saab-soul: innovative and trendsetting automotive-technology, in a distinctive and typical design. Shortly, more information about this.
The new association Rescue Saab would have the chance to hold up 10 percent of the new Saab Automobile Company. That will be 150 million Euro.
Right now, we cooperate with the Saab-parts suppliers and the Saab-Merchandise producers These two are expanding their business right now.
A friendly supporter, the company in the Netherlands, has produced 25,000 “Rescue Saab”-stickers for car-windows. We will distribute the stickers to Saab-dealers on request.
The next step for the website is translating our information to Spanish. We are looking for a good translator. Who among you readers have the time and knowledge?
We are optimistic and we hope you are, too!

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