BSR tuning for Saab 2.0T XWD

Swedish tuning house, BSR, have just launched a new PPC tune for the Saab 2.0T XWD range of vehicles.

An interesting side note: The standard output of the 2.0T is rated by Saab at 210hp of power and 300Nm of torque. BSR do their own testing prior to tuning, however, and they rated their XWD Saab at 217hp and 310Nm. You’re getting more than you bargained for!
Anyway, back to the point of this whole post….

The BSR Stage 1 tune for the 2.0T with XWD delivers maximum power of 247hp and boosts torque to a massive 388Nm.


This gives you pretty close to 2007 V6 Aero performance for 2.0T money, with XWD grip as a bonus.

Power and control.

As with the vast majority of BSR’s tuning kits, this comes in the form of a plug-and-play PPC unit, which you plug into your Saab’s OBD connector, just under the steering column. It’s brilliant value for money.


NOTE: Prospective buyers must consider their Saab’s warranty as tuning it by this method will render your engine warranty void. Tuning by Hirsch is the only way to boost performance and still maintain your warranty.

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