Erik Carlsson’s birthday celebrations at the Saab Museum

March 5th 2009 saw the most prolific individual in the Saab family turn 80 years of age.
Erik CarlssonMr Saab, Erik Carlsson, is Trollhattan born and bred and a continuing employee of Saab Automobile to this day. It’s only right, then, that there will be a celebration for his 80th birthday in his hometown, at the Saab Museum.
Whilst his actual birthday was last week, the Trollhattan celebration will be held at the Saab Museum this coming Saturday, March 14th.
Erik Carlsson will be in attendance at the museum from 11am to 4pm and everyone is welcome to come along and wish him well.
Another reason to go along this weekend….
Peter Backstrom tells me that the Swedish Saab Club are holding their annual meeting and swap meet. It’ll be a very busy time and I’m sure there’ll be a lot of cool cars there to look at.
Photos will be welcome!!

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